5 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Out

When your internet goes out, it can feel a little bit like you are stranded with nothing to do. Thankfully, the service lifecycle management for WISPs has been shortened so that it is likely you won’t have to deal with this problem for a long time. Even so, it could benefit you to come up with a game plan for when the internet goes out and you won’t have access to TikTok, Netflix, or the other apps that fill up your time.

Play Board Games

One thing you can do is go to a little old school and play board games. This is an easy way to pass a long time (especially if you have Monopoly on hand, that game takes forever). Before you play, make sure that everyone understands the rules and you have all of the pieces, especially if you haven’t played in a while. 

There are plenty of games that you can even play by yourself if you want, but it is always better to have more people. If you don’t have the room to store a bunch of games, consider investing in card games, as they tend to be smaller.

Read A Book

When was the last time you read a book? It might seem like an obvious answer, but you don’t have to read some sort of literature or something that is going to make you a better person. Instead, go back to reading your favorite book from childhood (who doesn’t want to reread Harry Potter) or something that is just cheesy and makes you feel good. There are a ton of “rom-com” style books that are really popular right now.

Go For A Walk

If you really want to make the most of your technology-less day, consider going out for a walk. Too often, we allow our phones to distract us from getting out into nature. If you have the chance, throw that phone into your back pocket and get out for a walk. You can just walk around your neighborhood (when was the last time you said hello to a neighbor) or go for a walk at a park.

Clean Your Shelves

Using the internet is one of the best ways to waste a lot of time, and it is definitely possible to let certain aspects of your home go uncleaned for a long time. Be sure to check out your bookshelves, the top of your bathroom cabinets, and around your dryer. These places go neglected and can be some of the dirtiest parts of your home.

Have A Spa Day

If you are going to be without your phone or laptop, why not take a day to completely reset? Having a spa day is a great way to give your eyes and mind a break from all of that blue light. It doesn’t have to be a lot – you can run yourself a bath, throw on a face mask, or just try to listen to some soothing music. If you can throw a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes, all the better.

Overall, losing your internet can be really annoying, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, take the chance to do the things that you don’t get to do when you have your internet on to distract you.