5 Things to Do in the UK on your Next Trip

United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With varied communities, cultures, traditions, myths, visiting the UK is always a fascinating experience. Everyone has at least one favorite place to go here. If you are looking for a historical site, then they have museums, monuments and churches. If you are an adventure person, you can find numerous rural sports and mystery places like Stonehenge. But all you wanted to do is to relax and chill then they have sandy beaches, glassy lochs and pushy mountains. You can never be tired of the country. But if you are planning to visit the UK Here are the top 5 things that you should do.  We have found these best places that attract major interest groups.


  1. Grab Butterbeer at Hogwarts

The people from across the world know that the United Kingdom is the home of Harry Potter.  You can find the inspirations of JK Rowling, and see the places where she wrote the book. You can wander around the Great Hall and the Elephant House in Edinburg.  In the outskirts of London, there is Leavesden Studio, where the majority of the movie has been filmed. Some of the artistic props are still remaining here, and the place is magical. At last, don’t forget to grab the Butterbeer from the shops in front of Diagon Alley. Also, you can purchase the magic wand, the flying broom and fancy hat as a souvenir from here.


  1. Be a part of Shakespeare play

Shakespeare Globe in London is a remarkable place. They can give you a unique experience of becoming part of the plays that you have been reading for years. The Royal Shakespeare Company has a riverside theatre that runs a fantastic play every day. The most exciting part is that even if you are not a play person, you will still be able to enjoy the period of Shakespeare. Because starting from birth until his death, everything has got a monumental picturing in this place. 


  1. Take an escape at Arthur’s seat

It is difficult to find cities in the United Kingdom that are home to an ancient volcano. But Edinburg is an exception because they have Arthur’ seat. It is a rugged peak of 351m above the sea level. From anywhere in the city you can view this grassy mountain, and that’s the beauty of Arthur’s seat.  You can take this hike easily and see the heart-pounding beauty of the city. At the top, you also have Edinburgh castle and Scott monument. If you are a nature-loving person, then this is undoubtedly an experience that you may never want to miss.


  1. Relax at Brighton

Brighton is a short journey away from London and a perfect seaside spot. The place is full of galleries, shopping mall, different kinds of cafes and restaurants. If you wanted to have a relaxing day, then you must always pick Brighton. Either you can lay back and have the best Fish and Chips in the seafront or thoroughly enjoy the nightlife at the clubs and pubs.


  1. Wander in Wales

The multicolored Italian inspired village at Northern wales is one of the peaceful places to go. They are calm, serene, and you will fall in love with every building here. The Portmeirion village is thematic of rainbow colors, and they are architected by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. He is the mastermind behind the depiction of Italian style buildings over here. People love to spend the time here as it looks like a perfect countryside place. The lush gardens, sandy beaches, little parks are the life someone would want on every day.


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