5 Things To Consider While Buying Shoes: Shoe Buying Guide!

When it comes to buying shoes, one needs to consider a few essential points to get the best product from the market. If you are from India, you might be searching for the shoes under 1000 rupees. But the budget is not the only factor to be considered when buying a pair of shoes. Try considering the key points mentioned below in this shoe buying guide so that you can make the right selection.

Things To Consider While Buying Shoes

1) Material

The material from which the shoe is made plays a vital role in deciding the durability and comfort of the shoe. If you want a shiny-looking shoe, then leather shoes could be a good option, and on the other hand, there are durable, long-lasting shoes made from a solid synthetic fabric. These shoes can range from sneakers to casual shoes. 

2) Purpose

The purpose for which you are buying the shoe is an essential factor to be considered. If you are looking for a shoe for office work or for official purposes, then we will suggest you get a formal shoe. These shoes are generally made of leather, but these days you can also have less expensive formal shoes in the market. On the other hand, if you are looking for shoes basically for casual purposes, then there might be options such as sneakers and other casuals. There are also shoes specially made for sports and other such events. Hence you must look for shoes that are perfect for your purpose.

3) Size & Fit

Depending on the size of your feet, you can get different shoes in the market. The best option to find the perfect size would be to try on the shoe. But we will always suggest buying a shoe which gives a little extra space to your toes. Even the size number denoted by different brands can be very different. Hence you cannot be sure by seeing the size number of a particular shoe to be sure that it will fit you. Hence it is always favorable to measure your foot and the shoe in cm to get an accurate fit.

You need to be very well aware of your shoe size. You would be surprised to know that most people don’t know the exact size of their shoes. That’s because they think that the size stays constant once we have grown adults, but that’s not true. The size of our feet keeps changing as we grow and so does our shoe size. It’s better to keep checking the exact size from time to time.

Apart from the size of your shoes, how they fit your feet is another important factor to be considered while making a buying decision. You should also not miss checking the width of the shoes you are trying on. Buying one with a width wider than your toe is generally recommended. Right size & perfect fitting is something that should be preferred over the attractive looks of the shoes.

4) Heel

Different shoes have different heels attached at their lower surface depending on the purposes for which they are designed. Most sports shoes have thick heels to support and provide extra grip. Casuals, on the other hand, have thin heels so as to make the shoe comfortable and light in weight. Special shoes designed for playing sports like football have spikes attached at the lower surface of the shoe, which provides extra stability. Hence you must select the heel according to your comfort and the purpose.

5) Price

At last, you must consider the price of the shoe while buying it. Formal shoes are among the most costly ones in the market, and on the other hand, casual shoes range from low to medium-range prices. However, the selection of shoes depends on your budget and also your choice.