5 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time! Don’t stress too much about planning a trip, instead focus your time and energy on all the fun things to do in Costa Rica!

Keep reading to learn our five things to consider when planning a trip to Costa Rica.

1. Determine Your Budget

While no one really enjoys the process of creating a budget, it’s imperative to know how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it.

Be sure to consider the cost of the flights, accommodations cost, travel, food and drink, entertainment, and tips. It’s always a good idea to also add in some extra money for anything that might sneak up on you so you’re prepared.

2. Find the Right Place to Stay

Sure, hotels are nice and a great place for tourists, but get out there and rent a Pura Vida House. Rentals give you the chance to have more room where you stay and aren’t as cramped as small hotels.

When you choose to stay in a rental instead of a hotel you get to enjoy a more private pool, more attentive staff, and a much better vacationing experience.

3. Decide Where You Want to Go

Make a list of every place you want to go and what you want to do there. This will help you decide what’s possible to do and how long you need to be there in order to do it all.

This will also help you decide which flights you need to take in so you end up in the right region. It also may be more cost-effective to fly into Liberia instead of San Jose, so be sure to take this into consideration.

4. Travel at the Right Time

The best time to go to Costa Rica is mid-December to April because that’s when it’s the driest and you’ll have the best weather. You don’t want to plan a trip in the middle of July, that’s the height of their wet season and you won’t get to truly enjoy all it has to offer.

Make sure you look ahead at the weather to ensure you’ll be able to do all your activities.

5. Research Restaurants Ahead of Time

You’re going to need to eat while you’re there so you should look at the restaurants before you leave. The earlier you do this the better. If you find a place that has a long waitlist you can make reservations before you get there so you know you can eat there.

Enjoy Planning a Trip to Costa Rica Today!

Now that you know our five things you need to consider when planning a trip to Costa Rica, get planning today!

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