5 Things To Consider For A Perfect eCommerce Photos

As it seems, photography is not so easy and takes a lot of toils. It requires a proficient team of eCommerce photographers, designers, editors, makeup artists (for fashion photography) and crew to make a successful photoshoot. Be it eCommerce photography or lifestyle photography, a complete strategy and innovative ideation are necessary to get the best results. 

So, here we have come up with 5 things to consider for a perfect eCommerce photography. Let’s have a look:

Essential QA process to ensure quality standards 

After the complete photoshoot and being edited, a dedicated team (quality analysts) ensures the quality standards of all the photos. The photography standards must meet the expectations of your clients and your customers. They will approve the best and reject those that are least in the standard list. Without a proper QA process and workflows, your photography project may earn a bad reputation in the marketplace.

Accurate product lists

For a productive product photoshoot, a reputed lifestyle photography agency like Photostreets has accurate product lists. The product lists include individual product numbers on the package so that the e-commerce photographers can quickly recognise their package or product. Inaccurate product lists can waste a lot of photographer’s time.

Workflows for distributing and formatting Photos

Once the photoshoot is done, all of the products after editing and QA check must be formatted in a particular way as per their specifications. This needs to be done by your internal departments such as cataloging, marketing, e-commerce, as per their requirement. It is very much common in a lifestyle photography agency to format their photos or images for more than 50 clients. Image distribution and formatting can be very time-consuming unless they are settled within an efficient workflow chart. 

Proper Reporting & Dedicated Project Management 

Most of the large scale projects have multiple stakeholders and all of them should be enabled to access or download images, progress reports, and various project management features such as QA, management of product list, image editing and formatting, and much more. A lifestyle photography agency must provide seamless access, enabling their customers to view reports and management process and edit data for project success.

Make Your Next Photography Project A Success

To become the benchmark of quality and timely delivery, you must follow the above-mentioned factors. All experienced eCommerce photographers have made some rules (including these) to reflect their true talent in the best way among the audience and their clients. Address each one of them while photoshooting to 

  • Maximize your image production and quality 
  • Minimize your cost per image