5 Things To Consider Before Buying Door Curtain

How many of you measure the length, color, and then make up your mind when purchasing a door curtain? Have you ever managed to keep the expenditure as for your only selection criterion? Door curtains are decorations that describe space and totally reshape it when start utilizing it! 

There is so much to look for when purchasing them, whether door or window curtains, their width, and filling, hue and layout, whether to get them suited or purchase them fully prepared. Since there are so many options, it can get extremely intimidating to purchase curtains. 

Our specialists, however, make the purchase of curtains convenient. Below are 5 requirements before purchasing curtains that you MUST take into account. Were you already thinking regarding them?

1. Fabric & Colour of Curtain 

For the door curtains, the fabric is a critical aspect because it makes the home breathe. For a prolonged duration, the correct fabric maintains up and sits brilliantly. If materials are too thick, while being divided, they leak onto the whole window, whereas light materials do not always remain intact. 

In addition, some tools enable air to freely circulate, hold dust particles, while others can be too constricted and enhance the accumulation of dust and pollen in the household.

Bear these things in mind when contemplating the material and color of the door curtain: 

  1. Find a cloth drape. Act to see if it drops with a big sample in the store itself. Hem it like an accordion to see if the outline of it falls over or remains. 
  2. Over the period, acknowledge sunlight penetration. Hold the colors bright and pastel if the room gets enough of it. Bright colors begin to disappear faster and look dull, particularly in cotton. 
  3. Evaluate the content, either a single range or a mix of choices. On the bright sunny day, many homes choose a mix of light airy cotton and silk, and heavy, dark velvet or suede as the lights dim and it gets very cold.

2. The Length And Lining 

Consider how much you need the curtains to start just above the door before even choosing the material. Such curtain conveys a sense of height to tiny spaces. Learn here to know-how:  

  1. Start measuring from the top of the door + extra loop height of few other inches.
  2. Finish the length (for a conventional look) with the curtains crusting on the floor and just covering the edges.
  3. For a fuller look of the curtain, add 4′′- 8′′ of width to either direction with an extra 2′′. This means that the curtain will not leak into the door area when taken away.

3. Readymade Or personalized 

There are more advantages to a customized door curtain than readymade ones.  Their measurements can be adjusted according to door sizes, specific design options were available for their design panels, and a range of materials can be combined and balanced to match diverse functions. 

Ready-made curtains are accessible online now in a number of designs and fabrics. Because they are sewn to match conventional aspects, it is sensible to purchase these and alternate them with personalized drapes as well as work for the apartments and houses of today. The purchase and sewing of better quality curtain fabric are more reliable and long-lasting.

4. Dry Cleaning Or Washing at Home 

This may sound irrelevant, but dependent on the type of cleaning, it is crucial to purchase a door curtain that can save time and money over the long term. Elevated curtains for living and bedroom use need to be dry-cleaned or if cleaned at home, they will be rapidly destroyed. Cotton and other curtains for everyday use can be cleaned and re-used in the household.

5. Curtain Consultants Or DIY 

Possibly it is the most significant question you have to request yourself. Do you want to ‘Do It Yourself’-select the material, grab observations, shop over, buy the cloth and give it for stitching door curtain OR do you really want a curtain specialist to come in to do it for you-planning the appearance, flavor, and finish, offering a choice of components and sewing them and hand-delivering them in your home’s convenience?


Curtains are, both visually and conceptually, a crucial component of a home. Do indeed curtains come dressed doors and embellish a space, they also sometimes represent to limit the entry of natural daylight into the living room or secure a home’s confidentiality. 

It can be both exciting and entertaining to choose an appropriate door curtain. Currently, we are here to assist you to select a black curtain for the right door. Bear in mind, however, that there is no right curtain, all of which relies on your requirements and tone.