5 Things That Make the 4th of July Special

Every year families eagerly wait for the 4th of July to celebrate America’s Independence Day. It was the day on which formal independence was announced. In 1870, July 4th became a national holiday, and since then, the day is celebrated with families and friends gathering for fireworks, barbecues, and other fun activities. Besides private celebrations, various government events are also held traditionally to make each year memorable. Here are some activities that have been diligently followed every year to keep up the spirit of American Independence Day.

1. Parades: Across towns and cities in America, 4th of July parades are a tradition that is maintained every year with great pomp and show. You can either be a participant or a viewer among thousands that line the main street to watch colorful floats,marching bands, and other street performers. Some of the most popular and oldest parades in the country are held at Bristol, RI and Alameda, CA. While the celebrations in Bristol begin in mid-June, the parade in Alameda is considered the longest as it spans overthree miles and attracts over 20,000 visitors every year. In some states like New Jersey and South Carolina, boat parades are more popular where boats decorated with flags, ribbons, and festoons in red, white, and blue cruise past cheering crowds.

2. Backyard Barbecues: This is a common tradition among most American families where family and friends gather to celebrate the day with food and drink. It is common to see people roasting or grilling steak, hot dogs, marshmallows, cheeseburgers, and other foods in their backyards or at parks. Children and adults often participate in yard games and other outdoor activities.

3. Patriotic Spirit: On this day, children and adults across the country love to don patriotic apparel and other USA clothing in the color of the American flag. It is common to see flags flying atop rooftops of both government and private buildings. Sometimes people even dress up as America’s Founding Fathers, past Presidents, or as the Statue of Liberty while participating in parades and celebrations.

4. Annual 4th of July Events: Most large cities have traditional festivals on this day. They could comprise of local games, carnivals, food fairs, car shows,or other entertaining events. Some of them are the famous Lobster Races in Maine, baseball matches, boxing tournaments, and drive-in theaters showing patriotic movies.

5. Bonfires and Fireworks: No 4th of July is complete without fireworks and bonfires. Many families light fires at night in their backyard to sit and spend quality time with each other. Individuals set off fireworks and enjoy sparklers, and towns and cities usually have a larger fireworks display. Some of the best fireworks displays in the country are in Minneapolis as a part of the annual Red, White and Boom Festival followed by similar shows in Boston, Chicago, Addison, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Houston, Miami, Lake Tahoe, Nashville, and New Orleans.