Hiking Everest Base Camp is one of life’s incredible undertakings. Firstly, read about the traditions and culture and explored food alternatives. In any case, there are as yet numerous things that shocked you on the track, goodies of information. Everest Base Camp Trek gives you brilliant trekking memories as well as offers various activities to do.

The trip could be a fortunate or unfortunate thing, depending upon your hiking experience and capacity. In any case, before beginning, research on TripAdvisor, looking under Hiking and Camping Tours and Outdoor Activities.



It’s comfortable but challenging to get a diverted gathering sack, mainly as conditions and the climate on the trek appear to be unusual. In this scenario, you would prefer not to sufficiently increase to attempt to pack as the risk of detection as could reasonably be expected. Assume that you don’t have a carrier and pack as though you were conveying your sack.

Note that if you are on a trip and recruiting a carrier, you will be given a duffel sack to put your things in that is the reason I recommended you packing cubes. And pack basic clothes such as Thermal top, pants and trekking shoes.



The weather is one of the most important factors to look at when deciding to hike to Mt Everest Base camp cause no one is beyond nature. Tho live forecast of Everest base camp can be gained here, it’s yet very hard to predict being 100% sure.

People trek 12 months of the year up to Everest base camp trek but certainly, there is ups and downs in every season, It is best suited to trek during the spring and the autumn as the sky is crystal clear from dusk till dawn, the rainy weather stops and thick sun-blocking clouds also fades.

The Magic of clear azure skies provides the most spectacular vistas. With added those breathtaking views, the temperature is also exquisite with sunlight being warm and the environment after delving of the sun is not as cold as other months.

During the winters and monsoon, it becomes a bit challenging to trek due to heavy snowfall, cold temperature but that’s what excites many trekkers.

February to May is the driest period, offering perfect trekking conditions in the Spring. This also makes it the most eminent time, so the path and guesthouses can be exceptionally arranged.

September to November offers colder climates in the Fall however more clear skies that frequently bring about vast vistas of the Himalayas.

The Monsoon Period is in motion in June and July bringing about rain, rain and more rain. December to January is icy with short daylight hours and a ton of snow on the path.



Nobody won’t go hungry on the hike. Eat well – the food is good & the servings are enormous. Three meals a day with drinks must be involved in your Base Camp tour. Some tours don’t include food, and you pay for it separately as you go.

That’s why we would recommend you keep your snacks too with you but in minimum quantity. Also, suggest you bringing along two water bottles. From water to meals, you can buy it all along the way at reasonable prices.



Keep with you four types of medication:

Diamox– used to treat eminence sickness, a pack of 8 pills for Rs. 160 / $1.60

Paracetamol – used to treat light to average pain relief. You can use it when you felt headaches and pain on the trek.

Ibuprofen – used to treat pain fever and to swell in any severe pain.

Imodium / Loperamide – used to decrease the regularity of diarrhoea, which you may suffer from regularly.



There are only two locations you will find ATMs on the Everest Base Camp hike:

  • Lukla
  • Namche Bazaar

In start we aware you that on every withdrawal there are the ATM fee Rs. 400, 500 / $4, $5. But along with cash, we would recommend you bring along an ATM even if you think you may have enough money with you.

Because the accommodation is basic but comfortable and at the low to mid-range, you can get warm eating areas, good food and comfortable private bedrooms. And no worry if you forget anything as you can get everything you need in Kathmandu or Namche Bazaar but don’t overpack.

These are five things no one tells you about hiking to Everest Base Camp, so just on the off chance that you are consistently considering climbing to Everest Base Camp, and you need to recognize what you are getting with yourself. I hope you have found valuable information from this article. Enjoy all of it!
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