5 Things I Found Neuer Capital to Be Doing Right

As a trader who is interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you will find a lot of online brokers providing you with the service you need. However, finding an authentic broker with great features is something you will be challenged with. In my search for the best online broker for trading cryptocurrencies, I found Neuer Capital to be a bit different from the rest. There is something about the features of this broker that make you realize that it knows what trading is all about and what the requirements of the modern traders are. Let me talk about the five things I found about Neuer Capital that it is doing right.

The Five Things Neuer Capital Is Doing Right

1.     Proper Training

By no means I am trying to prove that the training material from this broker is the best. However, you have to agree that it is one of the best in the way the broker has put it together. It has addressed every need that a modern trader can have. You will find a lot of information and live charts right on the website. In addition to that, the training material from the broker includes not only introductory courses but some really in-depth training material that teaches you advanced trading strategies. Last but not least, the broker also provides you with the facility of attending webinars for some serious one-on-one training.

2.     Lots of Account Options

I believe that any online broker that provides cryptocurrency trading facilities on the internet today has to address the needs of all of its traders. There are different types of traders with different tastes and experienced. If you are a broker, you should cater to the needs of all of these traders. That’s what I think Neuer Capital is doing right. The broker has created six different account types for traders. The basic accounts are meant for new traders whereas the advanced accounts are for advanced traders. The basic account can be started with only $1000 whereas the advanced account requires you to deposit around $250k.

3.     Great Trader Support

When I was new to trading, I was very shaky about my trading decisions. I just could not decide whether or not I should have gone for a particular trade. At that point, I always felt that there should have been someone by my side to help me. That’s where I found Neuer Capital to be doing just the right thing for me. First of all, you can contact the broker 24/6 to get help. However, what’s more important is that the broker has arranged for an account manager to help you with your account related issues. At the same time, you receive trading signals to help you with your trades.

4.     Great Digital Asset Options

So, if you tell me that you are a cryptocurrency broker, I expect you to provide me with some great cryptocurrency trading options. If you only have Bitcoin available for trading, I am not going to sign up with you. I can sign up with any online broker and get that service. As a special cryptocurrency broker, you have to provide me with something additional. And that’s what I think Neuer Capital thoroughly understands about its traders. It lets you trade not only Bitcoin but Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin as well. That’s when you can say that you have signed up with a proper and professional cryptocurrency broker on the internet.

5.     Friendly Deposits and Withdrawals

Can deposits and withdrawals be friendly? Yes, they can be friendly, and at times, they can be quite unfriendly as well. You have a broker here that does not charge you any hidden fees when you deposit your funds or withdraw them. At the same time, I have experienced with most online brokers that they usually only have the credit card option for you to fund your account. What if you just want to use your own debit card? I think Neuer Capital has done a great job here by providing you with the option of depositing funds in your account with your debit card as well. Of course, you can do the same with a credit and bank wire transfer as well.

Final Verdict

I think the broker is doing a great job specifically because it has spent time in understanding its audience rather than creating features for the sake of having them. I have enjoyed my experience of trading with this broker thoroughly and I think every trader that really wants to trade cryptocurrencies will find this broker to be a great choice. You can always visit the website of the broker to know more about it before you make a final decision.