5 Things a Truck Accident Attorney Can Do (That You Almost Certainly Can’t)

When a vehicle mishap involves a big rig semi- truck or other large commercial truck, the potential for anyone involved to suffer serious injuries as well as death may be raised.

One Washington man somehow escaped with not only his life, but also without serious injuries when his vehicle was pinned between the trailers of two semis -trucks in a 26-car pileup on Interstate 84. Entire pickup truck was demolished except the tiny space surrounding his seat, CNN reports. But escaped with just a few cuts and bruises.

Unfortunately, other motorists can’t always count on being fortunate. And injury litigations involving commercial truck accidents may require additional legal thoughts or are different than the usual typical auto accident, meaning your very best move might be to hire a lawyer who specializes in truck injuries.

Why in the event you employ a truck accident lawyer? Houston truck accident attorney Jimmy Romano has put together this list of five things that a truck injury lawyer can perform that you probably can not:

  1. Ascertain who was at fault. Thing or the individual at fault for a collision might function as the most crucial fact in almost any truck accident case. A truck accident attorney will learn how to demonstrate fault, or in instances where both parties were at fault, how it may still not be impossible to recover to get some of your damages.
  2. Use discovery to your benefit.
  3. Negotiate together with another side. Most injury claims are settled before reaching a trial. A seasoned attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement, advising you on when a settlement offer should be accepted by you or hold out for something better.
  4. Identify possible defendants. In many accidents including commercial trucks, there might be several possible defendants, including insurance companies, the driver’s employer, and the trucking company.
  5. Understand laws that are particular to the trucking industry. There are a number of laws and regulations specific to the trucking industry, for example those regulating commercial driver’s licenses, maximum truck weight, motorist remainder requirements, and truck maintenance. These laws may affect a driver or trucking company’s culpability in a truck accident. A truck injury attorney will learn how these state and national laws may apply for you personally.