5 Surprising Advertising Methods You Haven’t Thought Of

If you are a small business owner who is tired of using the same, old advertising methods, this guide is for you.

While things like blogging for your business, submitting your site to search engines, collaborating, and networking, are effective, they can also feel like the same methods every other company is using. To breathe new life into your business, you need to use an advertising method that is fresh, unexpected, and engaging for your audience. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use that are both effective and unique.

If you are wondering how to add some interest to your advertising, here are several ways to get you started.

1. Design Interesting Business Cards

While business cards aren’t new, you can design a card that stands out from all of the rest. Consider using a laser engraver for metal business cards, or designing a card in an interesting shape. The more surprising your card is, the bigger impression you can make.

2. Make Purchasing a Game

One of the most effective advertising methods is to gamify purchasing from your company. By using gamification, you are both encouraging and rewarding your customers for promoting and purchasing from your company. If you are not sure how to make purchasing a game, draw inspiration from a successful campaign like Starbucks for Life.

3. Have a Pop-up Event

If you want to increase your brand marketing, consider holding a pop-up event. This event can be for any purpose, such as educating a customer about a new product or to drive more sales. You can hold your event in-person or online.

4. Create a Snapchat Geofilter

An effective method of brand advertising is to create a Snapchat geofilter for your company. This is great if you are promoting an event or have a mobile business. You can use this by creating your own geofilter or encouraging your customers to create one when they interact with your brand in person.

5. Use 1:1 Video Marketing

A great way to raise brand awareness is to create 1:1 videos for different segments of your customer base. 1:1 videos are personal, they address a specific issue or situation a small part of your audience is facing. They are not made for mass appeal, but to make your audience feel as if you are speaking directly to their needs.

Creating a 1:1 video is a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

Try a Unique Advertising Method to Grow Your Business

By implementing a different type of advertising method, you can surprise and delight your audience.

Consider designing an interesting business card, making purchasing from your company a game, or holding a pop-up event. You can also use Snapchat GeoFilter, use personalized video marketing, create an exclusive club for your customers, or be unexpectedly authentic online.

Whatever method you choose, know that your advertising can be fun while also being effective.

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