5 Summer Accessories to Keep Your Pets Cool

Another summer season kicks in this year and it’s not just humans who feel the heat rather its dogs too who need protection in the hot weather. Can anyone imagine wearing a fur coat and roaming around in heat. The dogs do overheat once they are exposed and feel dehydrated in hot temperatures. Offering them water every hour will help them to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Lers know about few summer accessories for your pet which can help your pet in remaining cool in dreadful temperatures:

Cooling Vest:

Cooling vest is one of the best summer products for dogs. The vest works by providing storage of water and then using it in with exchanging the dog’s heat as it evaporates. The outer layer also reflects heat but the inner layer remains cool because of the presence of water. The water starts evaporating and gets converted from liquid to vapors and your dog’s temperature also starts dropping keeping him cool. Once the vest starts running out of water you will be able to add more for providing a cooling effect. The vest can be bought in various sizes and you should measure your dog before you place your order to know it’s a perfect fit for him.

Summer Shoes:

Summer Dog shoes

Dogs spending a lot of time walking outdoors on hot pavement in hot summers they desire paws protection. The dog paw pads are equipped with protection for the multi-layer cushion in hot weather and they can protect the paws from hot and heat surfaces. The Summer Dog shoes should be worn anywhere during hiking trails in the hot pavements and they are quite versatile. You can also visit your vet if you want to know the right shoes to be worn by your pet. The anti-slip soles of rubber will allow you to keep the balance while 

Cooling Bed:

A cooling bed is an excellent choice as the floor can get heated up. There are orthopedic beds available for the dog and they are infused with the gel memory for keeping your dog’s cool. These beds come with  washable covers and waterproof liners to help dog owners in helping them out. The Memory foam pads are hypoallergenic and can help the dogs with his aging issues by reducing overheating. 



Standing long hours in heat without any eye protection enhances the chance for your dog in developing an eye disease. The doggles are UV absorbent and can protect your dog’s eyes from any kind of damage caused by the sun. Dogs are commonly infected with eye diseases and at times are asked to stay away from sun direct rays and to seek protection from Ultraviolet rays. Doggles are the alternatives for the pets who want to roam outside and need protection from debris, wind and sun rays. 

Dog House:

Dog house is an essential accessory for keeping him safe in summer months. Providing your shelter in harsh sun is the key for keeping him safe in hot and humid months. Look for a durable dog house for your pet as there are many brands providing dog houses and are quite best too in every sense. Look for a quick assembly one don’t buy complicated dog houses as they will require a lot of time and tools from you to assemble the dog house for him.

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