5 stunning benefits of renting a car

Large Variety of Automobile Types

What if we tell you that you will be driving the same car for the next five years? Sounds mundane, doesn’t it? We don’t realise that is how most of us drivers spend our lives.

When you rent a car from a car rental agency, you are presented with a large fleet of vehicles which include:

  • Hatchbacks
  • Compact Cars
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Minivans
  • Crossover
  • Convertible

The options are endless. Whether you want to rent an SUV for a few days or want a sedan for a longer period, you have endless freedom to choose.

Avoid Wear or Tear on your Personal Car

A major benefit of car rental services is that the renters can keep their car away from the wear and tear. Whether you want to go on a long road trip or hit the beach, you can rent a car easily and save up a lot. Moreover, if you are planning a long trip, renting a car can minimize your budget as there are numerous rental deals in the market.

Avoid insurance fees

If you think you will be charged for insurance when you rent a car, you are wrong. If your insurance provider covers you for car rental insurance which most of the companies do, you don’t need to buy another insurance. Similarly, many people who pay with their credit cards when renting a vehicle, don’t need any extra insurance as they are already covered for the collision damage.

On the off chance that you don’t have your personal insurance or your credit card does not cover the collision damage, you should buy car insurance from the car rental agency.

Should you take the car without insurance? Definitely Not!

We are not telling you to be pessimistic but yes you can expect anything on the road and don’t get yourself into trouble by avoiding little insurance fees and ending up paying a hefty penalty if something goes wrong. So be smart and make a wise decision.


Avoid Car Maintenance Fees

Most of us who own a car know how demanding and inconvenient, car maintenance can get. If the vehicle is not maintained properly, it can land us in trouble, from facing a major breakdown on a barren road to a machine failure in the middle of a bustling city.

Avoiding car maintenance fees is among the top benefits of car rentals, especially if you are on long-term car rental. The car hire company will take care of all the major repairs. On top of it, you save great time as the car will be picked from your doorstep and as soon as the maintenance and repairs finish, it will be dropped at your place. So the only thing you are responsible for is to fuel it up and enjoying the ride!

No Depreciation Losses

Every device, machine or equipment you own will gradually lose value as time passes. Cars are no exception. Many experts suggest a car loses 25% of its value by the end of the first year. And the number can even go up if you put more mileage on your car or maintain it poorly.

Car depreciation is a consequence that cannot be avoided at any cost. Whether you own a car which is famous for its reliability or its great fuel-efficiency, no vehicle is invulnerable to car depreciation. Many people are now opting for long-term car rentals instead of buying a new car because it makes them free of depreciation worries.

For example — you rent a 4×4 SUV for three months. Now, the only thing you have to do is take care of the fuel and drive it. On the other hand, if you bought an SUV, you would have lost around 25% of its original value in the first year.

Now it raises a very logical question. When you are prone to car depreciation, how does it not affect the car rental provider?

Well, there’s no rocket science behind it. Car rental companies buy the vehicle directly from the manufactures. That too in bulk amount. So, as a result, they can avoid the cost which you would have paid to the middle man, a car dealer who keeps his profit on each unit he sells.

In conclusion, this is how car rental companies offer cars to consumers at reasonable prices and how we can benefit from the long-term car rentals.