Globalization, customer expectations, and technological advances have amplified the need for improved productivity in business.


If you truly want to succeed in your business it is important to increase productivity – of both the individual and the company in general – since it is the best method that guarantees an increase in sales; which will eventually yield positive returns on your investment.


However, there are lots of businesses out there that are struggling to make this happen. Productivity describes how well a company converts input (like labor, materials, capital, and machines) into the output of goods and services. Nowadays, productivity is no longer restricted to measuring the relation between input and output. Increasing productivity means working smarter; this explains why employees are very important in any business.


If your employees don’t make use of their time effectively, it means you are losing money. When your employees enjoy their work, their productivity increases, and that is exactly what is needed to encourage growth in your business. But when business operations become labored, or there is a major stumbling block, productivity will reduce and ultimately grind to a standstill. In contrast, when business operations are done efficiently, they tend to persist with little intervention. And that is a good thing.


How do you achieve smooth operations in your business? What strategies can turn an under-performing company into a productive powerhouse? There are lots of ways to enhance efficiency in your business. Highlighted below are some strategies for you to consider:

How to Improve Business Productivity

  1. USING COUPONS – Most people think that coupons are merely ordinary discounts and nothing more.

Take a closer look! Coupons can help marketers to sell faster, develop market share, cultivate loyal customers, eliminate competitor advertising, and increase the volume of sales.

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How Coupons Can Help You Market More Products

  • Accelerated Purchasing – Coupons are capable of accelerating repeat purchasing behavior. By using coupons with discount offers that are time-sensitive (coupons that have an approaching expiry date) consumers will have to purchase more products, faster.
  • Generates Repeat Purchase – Coupons are capable of encouraging your customers to make repeated purchases. By offering them discounted rates on their next buy, you will be a priority on their shopping list.
  • Drown Out Messaging From The Competition – Your market competitors might have funny ads, beautiful packaging, and other desirable qualities. But a coupon that offers a discount to consumers can effectively obstruct your competitors’ plans.
  • Top of Form Increased Rates of Consumption – When your coupons reduce ownership costs, consumers become eager to purchase more of your merchandise, at a faster rate. They are aware of their value and this makes them willing to buy your product. They become interested in value and are not bothered about waste. Your marketers eventually sell more products in a shorter time.


  1. EQUIP YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH THE PROPER TOOLS – The skills of your team are necessary for performance in business. However, the tools they utilize when doing their job also play a major role. Giving them adequate software and hardware will certainly make their work more effortless; the result? A streamlined flow of work.

Examples of Effective Workplace Tools are;

Communication Apps

If your employees work remotely or in traditional office settings, they must-have apps for communication.

Emails are usually adequate for getting the job done; still, it is not easy to keep track of specific emails within threads. Apps designed for instant messaging such as Twist and Slack, are excellent for keeping your conversations and messages organized. Most platforms for communication offer remote file sharing and access services so that the workflow of your employees can be streamlined.

Collaboration Apps

Collaboration tools simplify and promote teamwork. The ability to function collectively in real-time is valuable to the chemistry of your team.

Tools for collaboration are usually designed as apps for project management like Trello and Basecamp, or file storage apps such as Google Drive.

  1. DEVELOP EMPLOYEE SKILLS THROUGH TRAINING – Once they have been properly screened, and recruited, employee training becomes an essential part of guaranteed productivity.

By developing your process of staff training, you can always train new employees without much stress.

Every staff of your company ought to receive some training in time management so that they can learn how to manage their roles in the most efficient ways possible.

By making proper use of a daily planner – either software or paper – they can learn to prioritize their assignments.

Business productivity can also be improved by delegating tasks to employees that have relevant skills.

  1. MINIMIZE DISTRACTION – Social media websites can turn out to be a huge killer of productivity in your business; however, it is not practical to enforce a no-internet policy. As an alternative, try keeping your staff engaged and focused while allowing for some breathing space.

Encourage your employees to switch off their mobile devices but give them regular break periods during which they are free to browse social media sites. This will help to ensure that they spend more productive time at their desks.

  1. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT PRACTICES-Motivate, encourage, and reward your employees. Let them know you are pleased whenever they are doing their job properly and offer constructive criticism when they under perform.

Most importantly, personal incentives should be provided for staff doing a good job – they can be given a day off or free takeout meals for performing beyond and above their assigned tasks.

You must reward the success of one staff in the presence of other employees to promote a sense of accomplishment which will inspire others.

When you offer encouragement to workers who work harder, they are more likely to prioritize increased productivity levels.


Happy, occupied employees are always more productive. You do not have to spend lots of money on extravagant perks to encourage their engagement.

Simply find out how you can enhance your workplace culture so it is becomes conducive for better productivity.


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