5 Steps To The Perfect Book Launch

Writing a book is a lot like running a company. You don’t stop when you’re done crafting a perfect product and forget about showing it to the world. Promoting your book is the only way your audience will set their eyes on it and read your beautiful story.

Publishing a book is one of the many steps involved in launching your book. Whether you’re working with a traditional publisher or publishing on your own, you still need to take an active part in launching your book.

We understand that a book launch can be overwhelming especially if you don’t have a plan. We have made it easy for you through five effective steps that will help you successfully launch your book.

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Step 1: Plan a launch date

Choose a date for your book launch to set a specific goal to work towards. Ideally, you should plan your book launch six to 12 months before publishing. This will give you enough time to plan everything included in the next steps without feeling overwhelmed or rushing into the process.

If you’re self-publishing on Amazon or other digital publishing platforms, your soft launch will happen once you complete the publishing process.

Step 2: Create an author website

To promote your book and grow an audience, you need to have a platform to network and sell easily. On your website, include an about us page, links to your social media handles, and contact information. Along with a website, you can also create your blog to post anything you’re passionate about that helps you build a good image as an author and connects you with more and more people.

Step 3: Build your social media sphere

Building a good social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through regular networking and posting will give you an upper hand over authors who fail to develop an audience where it mostly is. Make sure you have professional social media profiles and use them to provide regular updates about your book. You can also share your blog posts on your social media to provide more value.

Step 4: Develop branding strategies

When promoting your book, working on a cohesive branding strategy to communicate your value as an author is essential. Most of the time, people buy your book, not because of the book itself but because you do a great job selling your book. Following are some strategies to work on when launching your book:

  1. Choose an attractive book cover designed by a professional artist that communicates your brand personality through effective colors and fonts.
  2. Network with bloggers and reviews and send them Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) before the book release to create anticipation among readers and make them curious to purchase your book.
  3. Distribute your book trailers and a strong press release with an effective structure and strategy.

Step 5: Plan your launch party

This is the day all the new authors strongly wait for: a successfully planned launch party with a set date, venue, and timing to finally tell people about your book. Send invites to people two months prior to the launch date and include all the details.

Plan fun activities for the launch day. They can revolve around the theme of your book to instil curiosity and engage the audience.

Wrapping Up

Planning everything for your book launch can definitely seem like a daunting task, but if you break it down with these five important steps, it will be easier to plan everything wisely while effectively promoting yourself as an author.