5 Steps to Take When Revamping Your Company’s Brand

Have you considered revamping your business’ brand? For you to succeed in business revamping you will need to accurately read the market. Revamping your company’s brand will bring new energy to your business and align the approach you take with your objectives and the audiences’ needs. To revamp your company’s brand, take the following steps.

1. Make a Style Guide


To keep track of your visual brand, create a style guide. This document has outlined a set of guidelines and rules that every member should follow when publishing, promoting and presenting content for your company’s brand.


A complete style guide has all the necessary information that an employee requires to create branded content. It has a logo, brand colors, fonts, typography style, signage specifications, and other graphic elements. It also covers items like branding mission, ideal tone and voice, and company philosophy.

2. Take stock of the Current Branding Endeavors


When your company presents the same values, visual face, brand messaging, and personality, its consistency occurs. If you do not fully understand this, it might not be easy to accomplish. Your business website, logo, mobile app, store signage, customer support, and marketing should be easily identifiable as your brand.


To come up with a consistent brand, begin with self-reflection. Come up with the ethics that drive the company and features that make it unique and define it. You can then work with the designers to create a visual design that will embody your brand. If you already had visual elements and a logo, a self-audit will be essential. If you find that the things you have do not fully represent your brand, it might be a good time for a complete rebranding.

3. Have Consistent Multi-Channel Involvement


Today there are so many marketing platforms. These could be email marketing, social media, video marketing, mobile apps, roadside billboards, and business websites. Ensure that wherever your potential customers go, they will find you. Being on all the right platforms is not enough; you must also ensure a consistent brand across all these places. This is to help potential customers to recognize and remember your brand.

4. After Brand Messaging Give It Time to Work


It takes time and multiple interactions to build relationships of all kinds. So, when implementing your branding strategy, ensure that you give it sufficient time to sink into your customers’ consciousness. Ensure that your business logo and name remain constant for a long time, and if you make any changes, let them be related to the original. You may change your brand position but not after months or weeks.


An authentic brand has a longer remaining power because it is grounded in its reality from base up. This makes it easy to implement and remain relevant for many years.

5. Brand from Internal to External


It is vital to note that employees are the people who guard your brand. Ensure that your employees are well-educated and very passionate when it comes to your brand. If you do not have their understanding, the chances of having consistent branding are very narrow.

Ensure that your brand has authentic values that naturally evolve from the company culture because they will be easy for employees to enact and embrace. Also, educate the employees about your brand to know their role in presenting a consistent company brand.


Finally, revamping a company’s brand is an essential step that every business owner or entrepreneur should take. When you decide to take up the step of revamping your business, ensure that you use the steps outlined above.