5 Steps to Get Into Road Running During Lockdown

Diet, consistency and motivation are all words used to help people get into running but it’s easier said than done. Running is very difficult to find a rhythm with and with poor run times, aches and pains and short distances completely a lot of people give up because they haven’t prepared. If you want to start off right and have the right motivation, here are 5 steps to help get you started.


Find a Running Partner or Group

One of the best ways to keep you motivated and committed is to find someone to do it with. It’s too easy to skip a run when you do it solo, so having someone you’ve committed to makes you follow through with it. It also works well for your pacing and doing it in a group helps you find advice from others. Usually, trainers lead the groups and will watch your running techniques. All this help to avoid injuries and will likely improve your technique quicker. Run groups either tend to be very cheap or free, so it’s worth looking for some on social media as part of your preparation.


Running Shoes

Sadly there is a big confusion currently as to what are fashionable trainers and what has been designed for the purposes of fitness. Both trainers and clothing are now designed to optimise exercise routines, so researching the best trainers for long-distance road running will help benefit both the run and your recovery time after.



Supplements are the easiest way to assure you body gets everything it needs daily, using probiotic supplements for healthy digestion, and vitamins and minerals to keep you energised. Different supplements can help you to gain or lose weight depending on your goals, but the main benefit of them is to keep you fit if you struggle to maintain a healthy diet.


Realistic Targets

There’s nothing wrong with setting smaller goals rather than just big targets. If you want to be able to run 10km in under one hour set a 2km, 5km and 8km goal first. Missing the big target can impact your motivation, so work out your current fitness and create a realistic goal which you can keep pushing.


Be Vocal

While setting targets is one aspect, talking to friends and family about your goals will help you commit to the end target. If you’re focused on weight loss or toning, taking pictures of yourself before you start your new running plan and looking at the difference weekly or bi-weekly is a great way to stay motivated. Some people expect very quick progression but weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint, hitting your first 5km will be a great feeling but you have to keep pushing before you’ll really start to see the difference.