First, let’s go over the technical side of becoming a web designer. All those strange acronyms and terms can seem intimidating, but they’re actually pretty easy (and super fun!) once you get to know them. Web design Adu Dhabi is a good site for learning web designing and learn easily.


It might seem obvious that you need some design knowledge to be a web designer, but visual design focuses on digital products so it may be different than you expect. In this case, the design principles determine the look and feel of a site. They can range from proportions to typography, to grid systems, to color theory. In other words: visual design is your chance to dig into creating mood and type hierarchy charts and experiment with web fonts and color palettes. At GO-Gulf, we offer different types of app development services in web design Abu Dhabi.


Like any craftsman, to do your job you need the right tools. Knowing the industry standards will be helpful in all cases and essential in many cases. While designing a website can be done right in a web browser, tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch are the ones almost all designers use for important parts of their work, such as creating mockups. , asset design (think logos and images), and of course, edit and enhance photos. You need to learn how to use them (although, if you’re just getting started, consider trying some free Photoshop alternatives instead).


You might not have imagined that a web designer would need to know how to code. But these days, it’s an expected skill for most design jobs. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is the encoding language used to place content on a web page and give it structure. This means that this is how you turn a bunch of words into titles, paragraphs, and footers. And this is also how you get “cool” content like photos, videos, and graphics on a website. At GO-Gulf, we offer different types of app development services in web design Abu Dhabi.

4. CSS

And then there’s the HTML partner, CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is the code that tells browsers how to format and style the HTML on a web page. In other words, it’s what makes all text and content look beautiful. With CSS, you can adjust colors, change fonts, or add a gorgeous background – and much more! This is where your eye for design really shines and how you can put your creative mark on every site you create. If you want to start learning web design for free, HTML and CSS are great skills to start with. We have our free 10 day coding training if you’re ready here and now. Otherwise, take a look at our roundup of free resources to learn to code.


While you can code your designs using only HTML and CSS, if you can code using JavaScript as well, you will be ahead of the competition. JavaScript allows you to take static elements on your site and make them interactive. Think of Twitter feeds that update automatically, websites that look different when you’re logged in, image sliders, and more. At GO-Gulf, we offer different types of app development services in web design Abu Dhabi


Keeping in touch and getting your point across are also essential skills for a designer. You can’t make a living from building websites without great communication. You will need to keep clients informed of the progress of their projects, present ideas and explain your creations. You might even be called upon to write or edit for sites, especially if you run your own individual store. So stick to your writing and presentation skills and you’ll be sure to get your point across in every situation.