5 Simple Ways to Make Money on Fiverr With or Without Skills

Are you looking to make a little extra cash on the side? Are you unsure about where you can make a part-time living regardless of your skillset? Discover five simple ways to make money on Fiverr with or without skills in this article. Also, I can assure you, I have experience in this arena, so you know you’re getting reliable first-hand information.

Business of Self-Publishing

When I first got into self-publishing, I had little money to spare.

Rather than going back to a day job or selling plasma to make ends meet, Fiverr seemed like a viable alternative.

I soon found out being a seller was rewarding in more ways than one.

How Do You Get Paid?

When a buyer orders a gig and you fulfill the order, Fiverr deposits the funds into your account as credits. You can use those credits to buy other services on Fiverr or export the funds.

One sweet perk is if you use those credits on buying a gig, you won’t have to pay Fiverr service fees.

What if you really need the cash? You can transfer the funds to your PayPal account. Now, of course, there are fees, so you’ll lose a bit in the process.

But selling services on Fiverr is still an easy and quick way to how to make money on fiverr.

Let’s get to the 5 simple ways to make money on Fiverr with or without skills! Also, scroll to the bottom for a full video recap.

#1 Editing, Proofreading, or Beta Reading editing and proofreading on Fiverr

The first gig to consider is editing, proofreading, or beta reading. Take a bit of your time or expertise to help authors refine their work.

Supposing you’re not great at editing, you’re not too good at proofreading, maybe beta reading isn’t quite your thing, you could simply offer constructive criticism as a service.

You can critique someone’s singing or musical ability. Believe it or not, there are some gigs that do well delivering constructive criticism.

Though these types of gigs require quite a bit of effort for the seller, it’s certainly a great way to make money on Fiverr.

#2 Social Media Marketing or Managing on Fiverr

Do you have a following on social media whether large or small? Then chances are likely someone would pay you to share their stuff through social media.

What if you don’t want to promote somebody else’s brand on your platform? Consider managing a buyer’s social media platform.

You don’t need to be an expert in social media management. Find out your client’s expectations, then deliver the goods. Get account access, then manage their social media profile. I hired a couple of social media managers before and have been happy with it. Hiring a social media manager saves time and hassle while presenting another viable way to make money on Fiverr.

#3 Video Spokesperson on Fiverr

Being a video spokesperson is actually one of the Fiverr gigs I did previously. All I had to do was use the camera on my phone, a rough script, and shoot! I never had to sweat having high production videos or anything to elaborate.

What would you be a spokesperson for?

It could be for a brand or a company. You just have to be comfortable getting on camera and speaking about whatever the topic might be. It could be some type of tutorial or walkthrough of some sort. Or you could explain a product or service.

If you don’t want to be a video spokesperson for a brand or company, you can always lean towards the funny, crazy, and weird type video gigs on Fiverr. Just search “weird video” or “funny” or “crazy” on Fiverr. You’ll find some rather wild gigs that make money on Fiverr at a fairly decent rate. If you find any number of reviews on a gig, you’ll know people have bought services from the seller.

#4 Prayers & Positive Thoughts

There’s a high demand for prayers and positive thoughts. It’s no surprise considering the state of the world over the past year.

People want to have prayers and positive thoughts, so why deprive the audience of what they want if you can provide it?

You can see it doesn’t require much skill for prayers and positive thoughts.

Even though these gigs seem rather trivial, they’re certainly in-demand and yet another great example of how you can make money on Fiverr without skills.

#5 Fiverr Affiliates

Now, we’re venturing into the slightly different territory—affiliate marketing. You don’t have to have any expertise to become make money on fiverr an affiliate marketer.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Supposing you like a brand, service, or product, and you would like to recommend people to it. With affiliate marketing, you get compensation for referring customers.

So, if you already like Fiverr, you could become a Fiverr affiliate. When you refer people over to a specific Fiverr service you like, you get paid for any potential buyer who becomes a customer.

When someone uses your affiliate link and purchases a gig, you get a small portion of each sale. Meanwhile, your customer gets what they want, having no difference in pricing. Also, the Fiverr seller gets what they want, which is more work and more money. It’s a win-win-win situation. And yet another great way to make money on Fiverr.