5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Facility Trash-free

It’s about that time of the year when you’re expecting an increase in customer traffic to your business facility. 

And this year’s holiday traffic is sure to be higher, thanks or no thanks to the coronavirus.

So it makes sense to be prepared for more volume of litter from your customers.

That is exactly why I have explained these 5 simple ways to keep your business facility trash-free in this part of the year.

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So, let’s get to it.

Way 1; Work On Your Schedule For Emptying The Wastes

 As previously mentioned, you will experience an increase in waste volume this season. So, it makes sense to reschedule your waste disposal plan. Suppose you usually do it two times a month on a regular business day, you may want to make it twice a weak this season depending on your customer traffic projection for the holiday. This new plan should be discussed with your staff members. Hold a meeting with them, create a roaster, and appoint how and when the waste emptying should be done. Also, let each one know when he or she will be taking the waste emptying role. This role shouldn’t bite into their role as workers though.

Way 2; Increase Your Trash Containers

Another way to prepare for the yuletide is to invest in extra trash containers. Having more of them around will allow your staff to focus on increasing productivity. Yes, more trash containers buy you more time before the need to emptying arises. Another thing is, if you invest in bigger trash cans, wastes are more efficiently contained and that only keeps your working environment health-friendly. That’s a cost-effective way to show your customers and your staff that you truly care about their health.

Way 3; Restrategize Your Container Placement

Being in possession of more waste containers is great. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, at times, it’s not about how many containers you have. The question is, are these containers visible to your customers? Yes, read that again. You want to find out which of the containers are getting filled faster and those that are less used. For the less used, it’s either that they are not visible to your customers based on where they are positioned or they are far away from the walkways.

Way 4; Work On Your Packaging

Okay, there’s nothing wrong with trying to satisfy your customers through packaging maximization. But then again, excessive packaging will make your trash containers and dumpsters get filled faster, especially this time of the year. So, while still maintaining a good packaging quality, try and figure out how you can reduce the size of your bags and other packagings you use. You can’t do this alone though. So you should have a discussion with the company in charge of designing your packages.