5 Signs Your HVAC Unit Needs Serviced

Your home’s heating and cooling system needs to operate efficiently to keep your living space comfortable without running up your utility bills. As long as the indoor air feels comfortable, you may think the system is working well and does not need to be checked. However, several warning signs may indicate a problem with your HVAC unit that should be evaluated. Dealing with small problems can help to prevent them from turning into bigger, more expensive issues and head off safety problems as well.


Strange Noises


Many furnaces make a distinct turn-on noise when they begin to pump out heat or cooler air based on the home’s thermostat setting. You are probably familiar with that sound, and as long as it doesn’t change, the unit is probably functioning correctly. But if you hear new sounds of any kind that seem unusual, contact an HVAC service tech to check it out. The sound might be coming from a part that is wearing out or something that has become dislodged. Whatever the cause, it needs to be checked and repaired, if necessary.


Odd Smell


When a furnace is hardly used during the warmer months of summer, it can give off a slight smoky smell when you first turn on the heat on a chilly day. That scent is barely noticeable and is usually caused by the accumulated dust burning out of the system. It should be faint and non-threatening. However, if the smell becomes more noticeable and persists, schedule an inspection with an HVAC company to make sure the smell is normal. In addition, the HVAC expert can make sure the system is working as it should and is ready for coming cold months of winter.


Erratic Temperatures


Your home’s thermostat can be set to the indoor temperature you want for the house, and your HVAC unit should regulate the air temperature to comply with the thermostat. If you notice that the temperatures are not in line with the thermostat, that signals a problem that needs attention. It could be that the thermostat should be replaced, or the furnace or air conditioner might be unable to maintain consistent air warmth or cooling. Have your system checked to find the problem and fix it.


Stops Working


Sometimes an HVAC system just stops working for no apparent reason. You go to bed warm and toasty on a cold winter night and wake up to a freezing cold house without heat. The same thing can happen with a broken air conditioner. Non-regulated airflow at the designated temperature means the problem should be assessed right away. The issue might be a worn or broken part that can be readily replaced, or it might be that your HVAC system is not able to hold up any longer. If the latter, you will need to install a new HVAC system.


Extended Time Since Last Maintenance


If your HVAC system has been working fine for years without any problems, and you have no reason to be concerned at present, you still may want to schedule a maintenance visit with a licensed HVAC expert. A diagnostic evaluation can ensure the system is functioning correctly and that no problems are developing. Warning signs of future issues may be detected, and the parts can be repaired or replaced now to avoid another service call in the months to come. Many homeowners have their HVAC system inspected and serviced once every year or two years to maintain safe and comfortable HVAC service.


Heating and cooling are an important part of your home’s comfort and safety. Keep your system working smoothly with routine checkups.