5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Does your child get overwhelmed when it comes time to do homework? Does the mere mention of homework give your child anxiety? If so, it might be time to consider hiring a tutor. Not only can a tutor help your child with school subjects and homework, but they might be able to soothe homework anxiety. Here are five other signs that your child needs a tutor.


Doesn’t Feel Good when It’s Time for School


Does your child suddenly get “sick” when it’s time to get ready for school? This might be a sign that your child needs a tutor. Sometimes when kids are having a hard time with assignments at school, they’ll tell their parents they don’t feel good, so they can avoid having to go. If this is happening at home, it could be a sign that your child needs a little intervention to help them excel in school.


Trouble Meeting Deadlines


If your student is always procrastinating, it might be a sign they need a tutor. Many times when your student is procrastinating, it’s because they don’t have a good grip on what the homework expectations are, so they avoid doing it at all. A tutor can help your student prioritize assignments and get a handle on the content.


Parents Don’t Know How to Help


Teaching methods change over the years, which means as a parent, you might not know how to help your student learn the subject matter. It doesn’t mean you can’t handle the subject content, it just means you don’t know how to teach your student in a way that they’ve learned at school. Tutors stay up-to-date on teaching methods and will be able to help your student learn the way they’ve been taught.


Changes in Routine or Schedule


Another thing that can throw students off is a change in routine or schedule. If you’ve had to work a lot lately and aren’t available to help, your student may start struggling a bit. In fact, any little change in schedule or routine can throw a student off. To remedy this, you can hire a tutor to help your student when you aren’t around. You can work with the tutor to give you regular updates. Tutors can help parents too by providing them with resources that will help them work with their children


Showing Signs of a Learning Disability or Delay


As parents, everyone wants their children to be perfect. Sometimes, the signs of a learning disability or delay can go unnoticed until mentioned by a school official or family doctor. Signs of a learning disability can include trouble with many subjects or just one subject like reading or math. Despite being present for all lessons and doing the work, the child doesn’t comprehend the material and shows no improvement. Children, especially young children, might act out when they don’t understand something. For example, if it’s time for the child to read out loud, they might act up in class, so they don’t have to participate. Hiring a tutor for a child that is struggling in school will provide them with one-one-one attention that can help identify a specific problem and develop techniques to work around it.


If you find yourself saying yes to more than one of the five signs your child needs a tutor mentioned above, it might be time to consider this for your child. An academic tutor/student relationship can help reduce problems with content at school and help you students excel as well. Students who have one-on-one relationships with tutors have more confidence at school and learn when to ask for help on a more regular basis.