5 Signs That a Tree Needs to Be Cut Down

The Bristlecone Pine (i.e., Methuselah) is one of the oldest living trees in the world. This pine lives in eastern California and it is 4,765 years old. Trees are good for us, and they are good for the environment. We use trees for food, shelter and enjoyment. Furthermore, trees support wildlife and improve air quality. Of course, timber is sometimes cut down. Here are five signs to look for if you are thinking about cutting down a tree.


Health of Tree


If the damage is more than 50%, you might want to cut the tree down. A tree that is not healthy will attract insects. Unhealthy trees can fall during high winds and cause property damage or even death. There are steps you can take to tell if a tree is dead or dying. For example, you can inspect the tree. First, if the branches are showing new leaves, the tree is probably still alive. You can also do a “tree scratch test.” In some cases, it makes sense to hire a trained tree professional.


Leaning Structure


When any tree is leaning, it is not safe. There are several reasons why a tree might lean to one side. For instance, the structure might have weak roots. If the structure is leaning (i.e. from vertical point) 15% or more, you might want to remove the tree. Also, a storm and the tree’s growth pattern can cause the tree to lean. Keep in mind that not all leaning trees are dangerous. More important, the changes in the soil may force a tree to lean. Water can expose the roots and weaken the soil.


Close to Building


A tree too close to your home is a possible problem. A bad storm or lightning can cause a tree to fall on a building. When a large tree falls on a home, the repairs are so expensive. Most homeowners have to contact their insurance company. This is why it makes sense to cut down a tree that is close to your home or a building. You can also talk to a tree professional about doing a “tree risk assessment.” Now, it is possible to remove the tree yourself if you get the right tools.


Close to Power Lines


In most communities, trees are not allowed to be planted within a certain foot of a power line. The tree near a power line can cause a fire. This is why some trees are cut down while others are pruned. A tree can look healthy on the outside. Then, the tree could be decaying on the inside. Look for broken branches and deep cracks on the tree. At the bottom of the tree, you will notice fungi and mushroom spores as signs of a dying tree that might need to be cut down.


Tree Too Large


A tree that is too large will cause many problems. This is why we see trees being cut down by city workers all the time. A city’s tree department will place a sign on the tree with a notice saying that the tree is unsafe and that it will be cut down. In some cases, the tree blocks street visibility. The tree will hang over the roadways. If the branch falls on a car, the city can be sued in some cases. The growth pattern of a tree is one of the main reasons why trees are removed.


Finally, these are the five signs that will help you decide if a tree needs to be cut down. It will be difficult for us to live without trees, but we have to know when to cut trees down.