5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Church Steeple

Why do churches have steeples?

Historically, the church steeple was a focal point to remind the town’s residents to focus on God and prayer, but they also housed the bells to call the congregation to worship.

We still have church steeples today and they’re an important feature of even a small church. However, did you know that church steeples don’t last forever?

Sometimes, you’ll need to replace both your steeple and church’s roof, just as you would with a house. To learn more, here are five signs that it’s time to replace your church steeple.

1. Shingles Are Falling Off

If you’re starting to notice shingles missing from your American church steeple, this is a sign that your roof might need replacing. Shingles can bend, buckle, or break off over time, often due to the roof’s age or wind and rain damage.

Examine your steeple and roof shingles yearly, looking for any signs of damage. Then, replace any damaged shingles as needed.

2. The Church Has Had Serious Storm Damage

Has your church been through a big storm? Strong winds and thunderstorms can do serious damage to your steeple, making it unstable and unsafe.

Always call a technician after a big storm to examine the church steeples and crosses, making sure they’re still securely attached to the building.

3. You Notice Interior Water Damage

Have you noticed a leaky roof, peeling wallpaper, or paint chips falling off from the church’s interior ceiling? If so, these are all signs of water damage, meaning your roof or steeple might be leaking.

You don’t want water damage to your valuable church artworks and furnishings, so consider replacing your steeple if it leaks. A company like americansteeples.com can help get the job done quickly.

4. Your Roof Is Over 20 Years Old

A roof doesn’t last forever! If your church’s roof is more than about 20 years old, it’s probably time to replace your roof.

Roofing materials weaken over time, so a new roof helps your church protect its structural integrity.

5. You’re Remodeling

Has your congregation decided to update or remodel the church—or add on a new wing? If so, this can be an ideal time to update your steeple, bringing in a new design that will match the look and feel of your updated church.

An architect can help you with your new design plans, creating exactly the look you want for the church.

Look After Your Church By Replacing Your Church Steeple

The church steeple is perhaps the most iconic feature of your church’s exterior, so you want to keep it looking its best. If any of the signs above relate to your church, then it might be time to think about updating or replacing your steeple.

That way, your congregation will be proud to worship each week at their beautiful church—your updated steeple might even attract a few new church members!

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