5 self skilling tips to secure a job in data science in Malaysia


The main aim of this post is to provide a brief description about the skilling techniques in order to find a job in the data science industry. The article starts with highlighting the importance of data science. It provides a brief overview of self skilling. It goes on to link the process of self skilling to the domain of data science. It concludes giving an insight into the future roadmap of data science courses.

Growing importance of data science 

The growing importance of data science can be envisaged from the enormous scope of the subject. The growing importance of data science can be broadly understood in terms of 3 aspects:

1- Data science is the panacea for businesses who have very low net profits since the economic crisis of 2008.

2- The new and emerging businesses lack the necessary skill and resources which is present with the veteran companies. This deficit can be effectively filled up by data science and big data analytics. 

3- There are some established digital markets who rely on tools and techniques like visualization, excel training, graphical analysis etc. While visualization was already popular in Malaysia, excel training Malaysia chapter is making a fresh beginning due to its increasing demand among the people. 


5 skilling tips to get acquainted with data science 

1- Know how about the recent advances in technology is a prerequisite to mark the first impression in data science. Adequate knowledge about machine learning, business management and artificial intelligence is a must.

2- Data science makes use of the python language which can’t be mastered overnight. In this context, online training sessions are also available for free which would solve the problem. 

3- A lot of online programs and projects are available online when it comes to data science. These can go a long way in providing the first hand experience needed to master data science. 

4- If one is already comfortable with tools like excel training, it can serve as a bedrock to understand the graphical analysis which may follow. 

5- Lastly, one can try short term courses and internships in data science which will serve as a foundation stone to enter the job market. 

Concluding remarks 

In one word, data science is one of the best fields to usher into but right direction and guidance is a prerequisite for a perfect journey.