5 Self-Care Day Ideas

Taking some time to have a self-care day is often a much-needed reset that you should take when you begin to feel your blood pressure begin to build over the smallest of inconveniences. 

Life can often get hectic, and we forget to look after ourselves, so it is important to schedule some much-needed self-care time. 

The following is a quick list of self-care ideas that may help you get back to feeling the best version of yourself again.

Plan A Long Pamper Night

Regarding self-care, there is a reason that having a long night of self-pampering is number one on most self-care lists. Sometimes all we need to make ourselves feel human again is a night in a bubble bath, doing our skincare routine. 

Your beauty routine can be something as simple as moisturizing your entire body after that long bath or going the whole way with plucking your eyebrows, painting your toes, and even whitening your teeth at home. It can involve anything that makes you feel good and like an elevated version of yourself.

Why not buy yourself some great new shampoo in that warm bath to give your hair and scalp some much-needed love? After all, everyone always jumps to getting a face mask on first; often, the scalp is forgotten. By doing some 

Spend Some Time With A Loved One

When it comes to your mental health, it can be easy to keep things to yourself, especially when you are struggling. For this reason, it is important to spend time with your friends or family to discuss any issues you may be feeling.

We can easily fall into a routine of either working or being home getting ready to leave for work, allowing loneliness to creep in if we don’t allow ourselves room to see friends outside this routine. 

Reach out to your loved ones and maybe arrange something as simple as stepping out to get a coffee or even dinner. This will allow you some much-needed time to catch up about life, particularly if you are feeling stressed and need a listening ear.

Take Yourself Shopping

Sometimes the best form of self-care is spending a little bit of money on just yourself. Although this option may not be within everyone’s budget, even buying something as inexpensive as a dessert at the supermarket for you to enjoy after dinner can be a great treat. 

Although when it comes to this type of care activity, it can be relative to what you can afford. Maybe spending hundreds of pounds on yourself is what you can afford and would make you feel better, particularly if you have been looking to purchase something, for example, a new designer bag. 

Whatever you decide to spend your money on, as long as it makes you feel great, then that’s all that matters. After all, is there anything more exciting than starting your day knowing that you’re going to buy yourself something nice, all in the name of self-care?

Have A Digital Detox

Social media has much to answer about your potential stress and anxiety levels. Spending some time alone without social media can be a great form of self-care as it can be the root of why you feel stressed or bad.

It can be easy to compare yourself to other people you see online and immediately assume that their life, their body or even their friends are so much better than what you have, making you feel bad about yourself. 

The more time you give to comparison on social media, the worse you will feel, so giving yourself a total digital detox by spending an entire night off social media can help reduce your stress. 

Put your phone away into the other room for the night to stop yourself mindlessly scrolling, and instead, maybe pick up a physical book to escape into for a few hours. 

Take Yourself Out To A Big Day Of Nature

A great idea to help you add some much-needed self-care can be to take yourself out for a big day of fresh air in nature. Whether it’s simply taking a long walk around any local parks, you have around you or even making a bigger trip out of it with some friends to a large nature reserve a little further away.

After all, taking care of your physical health is important, and often the mind and body are linked in emotions. You may feel anxious if you don’t do anything to help burn any excess energy off, and physical movement can be a great way to do so.

So why not arrange a trip to go hillwalking with some friends? This could be a great way to spend some time in nature to get rid of some of that stress and make some great memories with your loved ones. You never know; you may discover that hillwalking makes you feel great and can become a fantastic new hobby.