5 Secrets to Steal From Highly Successful Shopify Stores

Running a successful eCommerce store takes a lot of time, effort, proven systems, and just a bit of luck. While fun and exciting, it’s not an easy task, even for the experienced business owner.

Using a platform like Shopify can take care of most of the heavy lifting, but there are several things you need to do to ensure your business is profitable. Fortunately, there are many successful Shopify stores you can use as a template for your store. By implementing a few best practices, you can be well on your way to growing a thriving business.

If you are launching your Shopify store or want to give your business a boost, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Focus on Mobile

When setting up a successful Shopify store, it’s important to design your store with mobile users in mind. Most customers are browsing your store on a mobile device and will move on to the next company if the mobile experience is sub-par. Make sure your website is responsive and user-friendly for your mobile customers.

2. Add Badges to Your Best Sellers

If you look at most successful Shopify stores, you will see badges on some of their products. The badges may be for best sellers or for items that have been featured in magazines or on TV shows. Add relevant badges to your products to increase social proof and encourage visitors to buy.

3. Invest in Quality Photography

When you are starting a successful Shopify store, it’s essential to make sure your product photography is high-quality. Customers want to get an idea of how the item looks in real life, and they cannot do with blurry or grainy photos. While it might be an investment, hire a qualified photographer to take quality product photos for your store.

4. Learn SEO Basics

No matter how incredible your website is, without traffic, you will not make sales or bring revenue into your business. For this reason, it’s essential to learn the basics of SEO to make sure your store is found in a search. Out of all the changes you can make, boosting traffic will affect your bottom line the most.

5. Install a Chatbot

One benefit of an eCommerce store is customers can shop while you are sleeping. However, this does mean some customers will need help outside of your normal business hours. Installing a chatbot is a great way to provide your customers with support without the added cost of 24/7 staff.

These Are the Secrets to Steal From Successful Shopify Stores

Use these tips from successful Shopify stores to give your business a boost.

Focus on creating an ideal mobile experience for your customer. You should also use a review system and add badges to your best sellers. Investing in quality photography, learning the basics of SEO, and installing a chatbox are all ideal for finding success with your business.

Follow these tips to run a successful Shopify store.

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