5 Rules to Looking Great in Jeans

Jeans stand for people like you – informal, casual, ambitious, challengers, bring it on kind of attitudes. A millennial who has been wanting to explore the inside and the outside world. A pair of jeans boost their confidence as they walk into the world of possibilities. At times, a pair of jeans even helps you be in easy going. Easy going with life and with yourself. A casual attitude is required to keep yourself calm and composed too. Jeans have become favorites of anyone and everyone. There is no one who is doing without it.

You run, you walk, you talk, you play, you win, you lose and everything you do in a jean makes you a complete person. If you realize, it’s like a denim Jeans Colonization which has taken place across the world. Thanks to the brands like Mufti Jeans which has not stopped innovating with denim in jeans segment. From a normal pair of comfortable jeans to shirts to denim joggers and whatnot, they have been doing an amazing fashionable job with it. Though one has got so many options in jeans itself that can end up getting confused about- how to wear it and what can be different looks. Here are some thumb rules to follow to rock your look in Jeans!

#1 Choose your own jeans

The first rule of wearing the right pair of jeans is that you should always buy your own jeans. Do not go by someone else’s choice because they haven’t tried them. They don’t know your body proportions and what would fit you the best. That’s why it’s crucial to try as many pairs of jeans so that which style goes best on you. Many can have different body shapes – thinner thighs, broad things. Therefore, the only key to own a pair of great jeans is to know your body and answer them accordingly. Swear by the brands which are known to manufacture only denim after researches like Mufti.

#2 Know the Denim Destination

Now when you own the best of pairs, the next one is to know what to wear when. Not all Men’s jeans would work for every occasion therefore, choose one for the occasion. Like go for darker jeans when attending a semi-formal event, lighter shades for a casual outing or team it up with blazers for a formal get together. Go for Mufti T-shirts when its casual and shirts for formal set up. Though printed shirts can always make a successful entry for casual evenings too.

#3 Get the Team Ready

Just having a great pair of jeans won’t do, you need to get the right team ready as well. Shirts, T-shirts, Shoes, Jackets: Necessary items to create good looks. While any color goes along with denim but whites have been the top most choice of everyone. And do you also wear belts with jeans? Then make sure the width is matched with the type of jeans you are wearing. Like for a skinny one, go for a less-wider belt while a broader one. You know what? Always buy branded jeans for men and its combo T-shirt or shirts at one go.

#4 Denim Accessories

1. Caps- Check

2. Bags- Check

3. Wallet- Check

4. Headband- Check

Keep your accessories in check. Denim accessories enhance your look. While jeans and t-shirts or shirts are good to have kind of items but when it comes to standing apart from the crowd- go for the accessories too. Denim Caps are too cool for vacations and also saves you from the sun. Denim Bag packs to add on to your attitude. These would be too trendy for college-goers. Wallet or phone holders or headbands – try them to create different looks every time you step out of the house.

#5 Buy Value for Money Denim (sustainable brands, long run, easy to wash etc)

Denim is known to be durable but not all of them. Brands which are focused in this segment are delivering value for money. Denim which is durable as well as remains new in the longest run. Mufti stands for being one of such brands. Easy to wash and handy, ready to go kind of wear. They are rugged and raw.

If you know the rules by heart you know which you should go for!