5 Revolutionary Mobile Apps That Were Game Changers


Mobile applications have revolutionized into becoming the most used and relied upon technology of the century. Its advancements have changed the trajectory of how various businesses and organizations conduct their operations. Now ‘automation’ has almost become synonymous with ‘mobile apps.’


With the upcoming better performing smartphones of 2020, mobile apps are also under constant improvement to keep up with the increasing demand of the consumers. However, a few mobile apps became the ultimate game-changer in the mobile app landscape.


These seamless applications have not only solved major problems but also provided users with ease of access –allowing countless consumers to perform important tasks through a functional app in their smartphones.


Here are the 5 mobile applications that disrupted their respective industries. 


  1. Airbnb

This particular mobile app changed the way people travel and book accommodations, placing hotel businesses in jeopardy. Who wouldn’t want to visit a foreign land and live in a rented home that gives them the comfort and essentials of a cozy and comfortable homey space?


Airbnb tapped into this idea and made it a reality that can is materializing for more than 191 countries. Now, a mere app is a thriving brand giving services to travelers looking for a nice space to live in, instead of cold hotel rooms.


  1. UBER

Again, travel-oriented, but this mobile app single-handedly made the lives of every commuter a breeze. A ride-hailing app that allows the users to book a ride minutes before they need to travel and reach destination under a calculated rate, that you are informed about after the ride is finished via SMS, email, and in-app. Also, the option to simply travel paperless, and pay with the wallet feature linked to your credit or debit card has made the life easier.


UBER operated on all platforms, including iOS, Android, and even Windows. Apart from some controversies, the app has changed and paved the way for ‘smart-traveling.’


  1. Instagram

Instagram has now evolved into an enterprise containing various elements, all intertwined into one app. What started as an app to share photos, has now expanded to conducting businesses through Instagram, and so much more.


This mobile app makes it to the top 5 mobile applications that have changed the game for good.


  1. Duolingo

Disrupting the educational sector- Duolingo was created to solve the problem of learning a language with ease. With this mobile app, you can learn 30+ languages through interactive content with a highly researched learning structure. All this was possible through data collection and analysis – which helped Duolingo to gather data from its users and by effectively analyzing it, made necessary improvements.


  1. PayTM

This particular mobile app rode through stardom on people’s trust. PayTM or ‘Pay Through Mobile’ is a payment gateway allowing users to make their payments through their mobile app without having to carry cash on them. As much as this application provides ease of payment through mobile, it also poses several security threats considering a user’s bank details are stored within the app.


Nonetheless, the application’s easy to use interactive UX/UI design, high security, great content, and overall performance really did them good- as people started to rely on the mobile application and its word-of-mouth marketing helped expanding its customer base.


Mobile applications are the present and the future of any industry, business, and brand. If you want your business to thrive in today’s time, it is better to get a mobile app built from a Professional software development companies near me and work on its online presence.


Brick and mortar stores with traditional ways of marketing and providing services do not stand a chance in the face of countless online apps providing the same experience on a few clicks of the smartphone app.