5 Reasons you must need to own a puppy

Surprisingly, we do something that can upset or confuse us. In some cases, our actions can send the wrong signal to the dog. Getting acquainted with the wrong ways that confuse your dog will bring puppies for sale in Victoria brownie points in forming a lifelong bond with your dog.

1) To confuse the dog with different rules for its similar behaviour

It is important to set limits and rules for a pet dog. But following them is even more important for German shepherd puppies for sale Victoria. Dogs, in simple words, enjoy day and day out experiments. Often pet owners make the mistake of approving certain dog behaviours and then reprimanding them for the same trick a second time. This not only irritates the pet, but also creates a feeling of stress and confusion. Your pet wants to taste your food and you offer him one or two pieces; The next day you have a friend for lunch and beg pets with hungry eyes that you get revenge, but you call it offensive to beg. It’s your fault, not the dog’s.

2) Different orders for single response by dog

It is best to stick to one word that will suit the order you make your dog to follow. Using different words means that the same thing will still embarrass the pet in a given situation. It will not be able to give a desirable response to your order. So, the whole human family of a dog should use a common word for the command it sends later.

Also, dogs do not experience human language in the same way we do. It is better at picking up signals sent by our body language. For the Queen’s successful and obedient response, it is best to combine verbal cues / keywords with appropriate body language / posture.

3) Expect your dog to be like a decent human being

The dog will enjoy chewing on your slippers or some furniture, barking loudly, sniffing around, digging your linen; It all comes naturally to this. It just depends on what nature intends. He doesn’t understand many of your concepts, such as cleaning or avoiding damage to an expensive item. It is best to be patient with the dog. Do not punish or yell at the dog for its unwanted behaviour.

4) Strictly hug the pet

Humans interpret the hag as an expression of affection, love and warmth towards each other. But it has a very different meaning to the whole canine world. Dogs see the hag as a sign of power / dominance. One dog will show its dominance by placing its paw on the back of another dog. Rarely will you find a dog that enjoys or hugs from its human family pack. Sometimes a pet dog can only tolerate a hug by a special member of the family and will be completely scared of the same action when another man tries. It is best to pay attention to the signs of discomfort during dogs and hugs. Avoiding eye contact, trying to escape, tilting your face in the opposite direction, sealing your mouth or licking her lips and pulling her ears back are signs of nervous body language. If you notice that your dog is showing such a reaction, make sure it is related to the cause of your squeeze.

5) Disrupt your dog’s sleep

If you ever need to wake your dog from a deep sleep, walk smooth and slow with the action. Touch or talk to the pet to wake him up. The dog can be easily shaken by a sudden / impulsive touch when the dog comes. Especially a dog whose hearing is impaired due to age or other reasons, when suddenly awakened, there can be a lot of danger; As he is unable to hear such steps near him. The best condition is to allow the dog to wake up naturally! If you have children at home, make sure you give them the same advice.