5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Prayer Journal

Are you tired of your nearly non-existent prayer life? Have you tried to improve on how long you pray, but you just can’t? Or you are so overwhelmed with dreams and goals that you have successfully pushed praying into the background of your daily living. Or do you find praying tiring? You are not alone. I have also been there, and I can assure you a Prayer Journal is what you need to overcome that struggle.

The truth is praying, especially for an extended period, can be exhausting. It also involves being intentional. If you want to maintain a healthy prayer life, you have to be deliberate about praying, and a prayer journal will help you achieve that. 

What is a Prayer Journal?

A prayer journal is like a diary but for prayers. It is a book where you can write your prayer points. It is also a way to keep a record of your prayer life. Using prayer journals helps us to realize the importance of having a consistent prayer life. We are also able to track God’s faithfulness in our lives. It’s effortless to start using one as it doesn’t involve any technicalities.

Here are five reasons starting a gratitude journal will help overcome your struggle with praying.

  1. It Helps You To Focus

One of the major problems we encounter while praying is that our mind tends to wander off. It’s when you want to pray that you will remember the recipe you need to try out for dinner or the cute dog you saw while returning from work. However, when you write down what you pray, your mind is focused on your prayers. Being focused also helps to spend more time praying. 

  1. It Makes You Accountable

Keeping a prayer journal ensures accountability. Anytime you want to write in your prayer journal, make sure you write the date. Doing this will make you keep track of your prayer life. If it has been a while since you prayed, seeing your last entry can propel you to pray more often. Doing this builds consistency in your prayer life.

  1. Better Relationship With Supreme Being

There is a vulnerability that comes with knowing that you can write to your supreme being anytime you desire. It’s like writing a letter to someone you know cares about you. You can start your journaling with “Dear Creator”. Knowing that your supreme being is always there to listen helps your consciousness when praying. Keeping a gratitude journal creates a deeper level of intimacy, and through this, you can share your joyful moments.

  1. It Helps You To Track Your Testimonies

Writing your prayer points makes you know the wishes and prayers that have been answered. It is tough to remember answered prayers, but a prayer journal ensures that you keep track of your testimonies. In addition, this builds a culture of thanksgiving because when you look back at the prayers you wrote in your journal, it makes it easy to know that your supreme being has answered them.

  1. It Helps You Remember To Pray For Others

You know how guilty you feel when you tell your friends you are praying for them, and you never do that. You might actually have a genuine desire to pray for them, but you are either too busy or only remember when you have finished praying. A prayer journal changes that. Before you start praying, you can write both your prayer points and that of your friends down. This way, you won’t forget to pray for your friends every day.

How To Get Started?

Prayer is essential for growth and change. By starting a prayer journal, you can record what good things have been done in your life. This act of gratitude may also encourage others to pray more or join with their prayer journals. 

If you still struggle with prayer or you want to revive the zeal in your prayer life, a prayer journal is exactly what you need. You don’t need to be an expert before you can use a prayer journal. So get one today and start journaling your prayer life.