5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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When you are charged with a crime, it is certain your world will be turned upside down. Along with possibly sitting in a jail cell, you will also have police and prosecutors putting tremendous pressure on you to make a confession or say other things that could incriminate you in the matter. If you fail to use common sense and good judgment when facing such a situation, you may find your life in ruins. To keep this from happening, you should consider the following reasons why it will be to your benefit to hire the services of a criminal defense lawyer from the Rawlings Criminal Law Firm.


Examining the Prosecutor’s Evidence

When prosecutors charge you with a crime, they will do so based on the evidence they claim to have against you. Though they and police will always want you to think the evidence against you is overwhelming, don’t automatically assume this to be true. In many cases, police and prosecutors actually have little if any substantive evidence against those they charge with crimes. Rather than make a mistake you will regret, always hire a criminal defense lawyer to carefully examine the evidence against you before saying or doing anything else.


Striking a Plea Deal

In some situations where there may indeed be substantial evidence against you, you may need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to help strike a plea bargain with prosecutors. For example, if you have information about others who were involved in the crime, you may be able to provide testimony to prosecutors in exchange for having the charges against you reduced or possibly even dropped. If you try to handle these negotiations on your own, you will likely make critical mistakes, so always rely on your experienced attorney to act as a buffer between you and prosecutors.


Discussing Possible Outcomes

If you are sitting in jail and have been intimidated by police and prosecutors, you may not know what options await you as your case plays out. When faced with this uncertainty, you may say or do things along the way that seal your fate without you even knowing it. Instead of letting this occur, you can hire a criminal defense lawyer who can sit down with you and discuss your case in greater detail. By doing so, you and your attorney can discuss various outcomes to your case, which will allow you to arrive at the best decision as to how you should proceed.


Using Expert Witnesses

If your case is very complex and has various types of evidence, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to bring in expert witnesses who can testify in court on your behalf. Whether you have been accused of financial misconduct or even murder, your attorney can use experts who are skilled in forensic accounting or other areas to examine evidence and point out any discrepancies they encounter. In many instances, testimony from expert witnesses can be crucial in helping to sway a jury in favor of those who are accused of crimes. Because of this, always work closely with your criminal defense lawyer to carefully discuss your case, since the testimony of even one expert witness could turn the tide in your favor.


Protecting You From Fabricated Testimony

When you are charged with any type of crime, police will complete their investigation and file a report detailing their findings. However, it is not uncommon for these reports to contain exaggerations or even fabrications of what police really found at the scene. If these statements are not carefully examined and are allowed to be entered into court against you, the results of your case could be devastating. However, by hiring a criminal defense lawyer who has experience and knowledge about such matters, they can compare the police report with the actual evidence against you. Once your lawyer finds discrepancies between the report and the evidence, they can use this when cross-examining police and others in court.


If you are facing the fight of your life against criminal charges, never take it lightly. Instead, always place your trust in a criminal defense lawyer who is determined to fight for justice and protect your rights each step of the way.

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