5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Projection Screen At Your Next Outdoor Event

Are you organising an outdoor event in the near future? Don’t limit yourself to a small TV or laptop screen, it’s time to take your event presentation up a notch with a projection screen! Whether you’re hosting a wedding, family gathering, corporate function or movie night under the stars, having an outdoor projection screen will surely take your guests by surprise. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in one for your next outdoor event so that you can ensure everyone is enthralled and entertained.

What Is A Projection Screen And What Does It Do?

A projection screen is an audio-visual necessity for events of various kinds. It can be easily hired from audio visual hire companies such as projector rental Melbourne, to ensure peak performance during your audio-visual presentation. Not only does a projection screen provide a sharper image and lifelike visuals, but it still looks great even when viewed from wide angles, giving everyone in the room an optimal audio-visual experience.

With its sleek and clean profile, offering colours that are vibrant and vivid with no reflections or glare, a high quality projection screen ensures greater sound clarity and dramatic picture display. Whether it’s for corporate seminars, launch parties or Annual Board meetings, audio visual hire companies like projector rental Melbourne have the perfect solution for you!

With Projection Screen At Your Next Outdoor Event, You Size Up Your Options

When planning for your next outdoor event, AV hire and projector hire in Melbourne are key to create an unforgettable experience. Projector screens play a large role in this, enabling an enjoyable atmosphere with the added bonus of displaying images. Many AV rental companies provide these services, such as projector screen hire, helping to bring your outdoor event to life with bright and vivid visuals. Make sure you research wisely so that you can find the AV company which best suits your needs and enjoy a spectacular occasion!

Projection Screens At Your Next Outdoor Event Lets You Increase Your Audience Size And Venue

Are you looking to reach a larger audience and make an impact at your next outdoor event? Projection screens are an audio-visual hire Melbourne solution that gives you the flexibility to adjust the size of your screen and the position of the display to match any outdoor venue.

These projector rentals Melbourne can be set up quickly, allowing you to host events with more visual appeal in no time. Don’t let traditional audio-visual restraints hold back your creative ideas – take advantage of projection screens and let your event shine!

With Projection Screen At Your Next Outdoor Event, You Get The Opportunity To Use Ambient Light To Your Advantage

AV hire can make any outdoor event a success! By renting a projector and projection screen, you can use the ambient light to your advantage. Even if the sun is setting or quickly transitioning from sunset to darkness, AV hire allows for effortless set up that requires just seconds for maximum performance.

That means whatever background light is present, or present right after dusk, AV hire will be professionally setup and able to give your event the high-quality audio visual it needs – complete with projector and projector screen hire Melbourne! For those who require flexible AV equipment and AV package hire, look no further; AV hire offers projector and screen rentals that are second-to-none while still catering to your budget needs.

Projection Screen At Your Next Outdoor Event Is Easy To Transport And Compatible

Get ready for an amazing outdoor event with a top of the line projection screen from NextGen. Our projection screens are designed to be lightweight and compatible with any audio visual setup, making them the perfect choice for outdoor activities. 

Get in touch with NextGen if you need help with audio visual hire in Melbourne, and our team will provide expert guidance to ensure the event is set up safely and efficiently. With NextGen’s help, your next outdoor event is sure to be a success!

Projection Screen At Your Next Outdoor Event Lets You To Get More Engagement And Income-Potential

Explore NexGen’s projector rental options in Melbourne to make your next outdoor event a success! A projection screen will let you get more engagement from your audience and open up a potential for bigger profits. Not only can you utilize the screen to play visuals and create visual advertisements, but it also proves an ideal platform for professional presentations, live discussions, and thought-provoking events. Get ready to impress with an amazing outdoor event experience!


Projection screens are a great way to make any outdoor event more engaging and exciting for your audience. By using a projection screen, you can increase the size of your audience by giving them something interesting to look at. Additionally, projection screens can also be used to advantage ambient light- making your event look even better under the right conditions! Finally, these screens are easy to transport and set up- meaning that you’ll have no trouble getting one for your next outdoor shindig.


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