5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sex Doll

The concept of sex dolls has been around for quite some time. Over the years, improvements in technology have resulted in an evolution of sorts. From simple blow up latex dolls to more complex AI-driven, hyper-realistic sex bots, there is one to suit the needs of every man – or woman – who desires an artificial sex partner.


There are sex dolls of all shapes and sizes. You can find a doll from whichever ethnic group you prefer, with the physical proportions you desire, and even the ability to communicate with you to suit your expectations. Some of the most recent types are even designed to learn your behavior and respond to you accordingly. Those are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider getting a sex doll. Just in case you have been thinking about getting one but not sure if a sex doll is for you, there are plenty of other reasons why it makes sense. Here are five reasons why you should buy a sex doll:


Sex dolls are affordable


The price of a sex doll can vary widely. From the most basic inflatable dolls that can cost you a few hundred dollars to feature-rich, high end lifelike dolls that can run you well over $10,000, there are many choices in between. But whatever you pay for a sex doll will always pale in comparison to how much money you would spend in maintaining a relationship with a human. Dating someone or even getting married can lead to a significant sum over the years, including what is paid for wining and dining, buying gifts, hotel stays, and general spending to safeguard their wellbeing. Even when compared to paying for sex, a sex doll will still work out to be cheaper than continuously hiring escorts. With a sex doll, you pay a one-time cost, with very little needed for cleaning and maintenance. What’s more, a high-quality sex doll can last for many years.


A sex doll will remain faithful (and keep you faithful too)


Finding out your significant other has cheated on you with someone else can be a devastating feeling, especially if they tried to hide it from you. Infidelity is a major concern for many men and women around the world. Statistics show that approximately four out of 10 unmarried relationships experience at least one incident of infidelity. In addition, 70% of all Americans engage in some form of affair during their marital life.


Frightening numbers, right? That’s why a sex doll may just turn out to be a great solution if you are afraid of being cheated on. For starters, you won’t have to worry about your sex doll running off with someone else – or another doll. Your sex doll won’t lie to you about its whereabouts in order to get it on with someone behind your back. It simply won’t have sex with anyone but you.


On the other hand, a sex doll can also be of help in the event where one partner is prone to being unfaithful in the absence of another. It is said that Adolf Hitler had sex dolls created and supplied to his army to help fulfill their sexual needs during World War II and prevent them from being unfaithful to their real partners. While his reasons may have been flawed (and there is uncertainty as to whether the story is actually true), there is merit in the ability of sex dolls to possibly help prevent people from going outside the relationship for sexual gratification.


You can’t catch an S.T.I from a sex doll


When there is sexual contact between people, there is a high chance of catching any number of sexually transmitted diseases, including herpes, syphilis, and even HIV. The World Health Organization reports that more than one million STIs are acquired each day between partners. Yes, every day! That’s over 365 million cases every year, and some of these diseases don’t show up right away. As a result, there is a high chance you might catch something the next time you have unprotected sex. Does that mean you should stop having sex? In addition to being more careful, a sex doll is also a great alternative.


With sex dolls, the risk of contracting an STI is eliminated. As a result, you won’t need to use condoms or other barriers that can diminish the sexual experience.


Sex dolls cannot be impregnated


Another symptom of being in a relationship with a human, in particular with women, is that there is a rick of pregnancy. If you are not yet ready for children, this can be costly for you as you will have to live with the consequences for years to come.


Studies indicate that about 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, meaning the involved couples were not ready to have a baby. About 43% of those pregnancies often end in abortion. But even if you decide to go through with an abortion, there will still be a cost attached, which can be both financial and emotional.


All those pregnancy-related risks are forgotten if you have sex with a sex doll because they simply cannot get pregnant.


You can get sex dolls to meet your unique needs


Whether you are looking for a sex doll that has big boobs or a large rear end, one with Asian features or African American attributes, or with a particular skin texture, you can get a doll that looks like your ideal woman (or man). But sex doll features go beyond just the physical. As mentioned earlier, there are now AI sex dolls (which are also referred to as sex robots) that can learn your behavior patterns and respond to you accordingly. For example, if you are used to getting a particular response while performing certain activities, your sex doll can learn to give you that same response.




Sex dolls are here to stay and will only become more prevalent as society evolves and their benefits become more apparent. In light of the many reasons why you should buy a sex doll, you are now only limited to your imagination.


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