5 Reasons Why World Of Warcraft is So Addictive

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Blizzard Entertainment. With its launching in November of 2004,  the World of Warcraft holds the Guinness Record for most subscribers of any MMORPG ever.


The game World of Warcraft’s prevalence has saturated mainstream society in numerous structures and has been worldly known to be extremely addictive. Many players of this online game describe their addiction to the game as:

“It’s out of this world addiction since it is like losing some of your days, months and years in life, simply because we were in front of our computers with all focus to make our character dominating the game”. “We were very eager to do quests, leveling up our characters with the help of WOW Classic Gold and pumping up our multiplayer battle skills”. 

Warcraft’s fame and compelling nature can be followed to the game mechanics configuration actualized by Blizzard.

So why did it become so addicting? 

Compared to any other MMORPG games, its gamification has a structure that puts the most focus on the human-like character all the while. It also has a Human-Focused Design, rather than “work centered structure”. The gamification structure Octalysis makes it extremely simple to perceive how World at Warcraft can be so irresistible. Here are the top five reasons why the game became very popular and addictive.

Addicting Factor #1: Epic Meaning and Calling 

The epic means of calling ranks and hierarchy to the drive players feel when they accept what they are doing is more noteworthy than themselves. Regardless of whether it is helping individual players, or adding to a wiki, players regularly feel that the benefit of the network lays on their shoulders. 


World of Warcraft depends on epic importance and calling from the earliest starting point of character creation, and all through the game as players become increasingly drawn to the game. To start with, players must pick between restricting groups, the Alliance and the Horde.

Moreover, players may likewise join organizations or gatherings. A lot of World of Warcraft’s ongoing interaction is structured with the goal that players can just finish certain journeys as an individual from a gathering. Since players must depend on each other, each individual must comprehend that his job in the game likewise bolsters everyone’s benefit of the gathering.

Addicting Factor #2: Development and Accomplishment 

This is referring to beating difficulties, gaining ground, and creating abilities. The test part of this bit of the system is fundamental for players to discover significance in their movement. 

Improvement and achievement are likely the most productive parts of gamification inside the World of Warcraft. Most players who experienced WoW dependence on the game report the mind-boggling requirement for their characters to step up, increase new aptitudes, or become all the more impressive. Finishing journeys permits players this chance and is one of the driving focal points of the game.

Addicting Factor #3: Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback 

This is when gamers go to a decision making part where they should be building up or how they can make their characters go stronger amongst their enemies. Pumping up their heroes includes how they are going to manufacture their armors and gears and how that character is going to fight against their foes. The greater part of this arranging occurs progressively because of consistent changes in PvP. 

Another significant part of boosting their characters is allowing them to communicate their imagination. They should have the option to see the consequences of their imagination, get input, and react thus.

Addicting Factor #4: Scarcity and Impatience 


This drive spins around the player needing what they can’t have. This drive can turn out to be considerably more grounded if players are compelled to hang tight for their prizes. 

In World of Warcraft, shortage and anxiety are connected by numerous perspectives inside the game’s plan. The impetus of shortage is the requirement for gold, build, and time. They can also make it easier to mine gold if they buy WOW Classic Gold. Gold and gear are awarded if they finish journeys and difficulties. Players need to ace their abilities, they need to consummate their rigging, and they need to beat the hardest supervisors, yet they just can’t – yet. This feeling of shortage, confinement, and anxiety drives a great deal of movement inside the World of Warcraft.

Addicting Factor #5: Curiosity and Unpredictability 

This drive urges players to discover what may occur straightaway. Regardless of whether the normal outcome is sure or negative, the component of chance prods players on. 

Numerous viewpoints are worked around capriciousness in World of Warcraft. Arbitrary gear and gold sums are dropped by overcoming adversaries; NPCs may offer small journeys, or open player versus player solicitations may come indiscriminately. Those players that favored the player versus player parts of the game were bound to challenge an all the more remarkable player, in the desire for an impossible win.