5 Reasons Why Windshield Glass Gets Damaged

Have you ever encountered a situation where your windshield glass suddenly found out to be damaged? Cracks & chipping of windshield glass is a common issue that every car owner faces. Hiring a windshield glass repair becomes necessary in such a situation. However, sometimes we do not understand the reason why our windshield glass suddenly got damaged.

So, we will see the common reasons that cause windshield glass damage.

  • Faulty Installation

Faulty installation can leave you with lose fitting of your windshield glass. If the glass is fitted loose, then the normal drive will cause a high amount of vibration. If you noticed reverberating noises and visible vibration after a windshield installation, then you should visit your technician to adjust it and prevent it from damage. It’s important to have a reliable technician for windshield installment to avoid such issues.  

  • Storm Debris:

A natural storm can provide damage to the car windshield, and it can cause cracks and chips. High winds may also blow tree branches, litter, and other objects into the front of your car. Hail storms and high-speed debris include rocks that hit your car’s windshield and cause small chips that resulted in larger issues. A lot of issues occur due to open parking. So, try to cover your car or use indoor parking to get safe.

  • Collision/ Accidents

Collision and Accidents are also the main cause of windshield damage. If you imagine windshield damage in a car accident, it will capture an image of a glass explosion. Major accidents can explode the windshield, but small cracks often form after minor accidents. A broken windshield after an accident means that the frame is bent and has a lot of pressure on the glass. Try to practice safe driving to minimize this risk or always have a regular mechanic check of the structural integrity of your windshield after any collision.  

  • Fluctuating Temperatures

The structure of glass varies according to the temperature, it expands when warm or contracts when cold. While automotive glass is specially designed to minimize thermal strain, extreme temperatures over long periods and may encourage to form cracks in a windshield. Windshields are manufacture to sustain the different temperature strain, but if you live in a place where a drastic change of temperature occurs, then it can cause damage. These defects mostly appear due to years of thermal strain rather than a single warm afternoon in winter. In such conditions, try to park your car in a temperature control area. 

  • Low-Quality Glass:

Installation of low-quality glass can cause damage to your windshield because it less bearable, and small cracks on them turn into larger issues after some time. Before installing your windshield, try to have a reliable technician with you to help you find a durable and reliable windshield from a trustworthy brand. The low-quality windshield can cause problems and demand regular installation. 

If your windshield has unsightly chips and cracks, then try to have professional windshield glass repair to get your windshield protected.