5 Reasons Why Sharjah Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

The third largest emirate in the UAE – Sharjah – has been recognized by UNESCO as UAE’s cultural capital. Although less known than its touristy neighbor Dubai, the city has everything that will make you fall in love with it. From cultural heritage museums to stunning mosques and beaches, the city offers an interesting mix of heritage and experience. If you are looking to explore a new travel destination and want to get more bang for your buck, Sharjah should be next on your bucket list. 

So what exactly makes Sharjah the perfect vacation spot? 

  1. An authentic Emirati experience 

Sharjah is part of the Northern Emirates, where most Emiratis reside. So if you want to experience the heart and soul of Emirati culture, this is the perfect travel destination for you. The cultural center of the UAE is home to various ancient structures that represent the rich and varied history of the Emirates. The friendly and welcoming Emiratis also make it an ideal destination for both- families and solo travelers.  

  1. Low cost of living and value for money

This emirate is known for being a budget-friendly travel destination and offers great value for money. Yes, there are many luxurious hotels in this tourist city, but you can find affordable accommodation options as well. You can explore Sharjah on a shoestring budget and still have a comfortable stay. From bigger malls to smaller outlets, shopping for perfumes, bags, and jewelry will keep you occupied during your stay. 

  1. Endless food options and mouth-watering cuisines

Sharjah is a gastronomic paradise, where food lovers can indulge in endless mouth-watering cuisines. You can find the best of Asian and European cuisines in this Emirate. There are countless options to choose from- Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, and many other Asian cuisines. A range of restaurants and eateries sprawled throughout the city does a great job of serving the foodie in you. 

  1. Enjoy the best of both worlds – urban and rural

Sharjah is a smaller, more calmer emirate than Dubai. Unlike Dubai, it is not overrun with tourists, giving you a chance to be surrounded by locals and experience culture at its best. You can explore the museums, buildings, and nature reserves of Sharjah to get a closer look at Emirati heritage. While you’re here don’t forget to visit the Souq Al Markazi and Al Qasba, some of the best cultural wonders in Sharjah. 

  1. Magnificent architecture and pristine beaches

The architecture of Sharjah is a sight to behold and proves to be every photographer’s delight. You can explore the best buildings in the city, including the Al Noor Mosque, the majestic Sharjah Gate Tower, the Sharjah Art Museum, and Khorfakkan Amphitheatre. If you are looking for a pristine beach experience, you can visit Al Corniche beach. Although it’s best known for its snorkeling experience, you can also enjoy a leisurely sunbath to relax and unwind. 

Transportation options in Sharjah

Now that you’re convinced to plan your next vacation to Sharjah, let us also help you choose the best mobility solution available in the city. Whether you’re a tourist or a long-term visitor, it is important to find your way around the city. While a plethora of public transit options are available throughout the UAE, they do not always prove to be reliable. 

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