5 Reasons Why Jellycat Soft Toys Make Great Gifts for Kids

When it comes to buying gifts for kids, it’s important to find something that’s not only fun and entertaining but also safe, durable, and educational. That’s why Jellycat soft toys make a great gift for kids of any age. These charming and cuddly creatures have become increasingly popular among parents and children alike, and for good reason. Over the past years, we have seen a crowd of people being diehard of this extremely squishy stuff toy. With their entry into our lives, we must admit that it has sprinkled extra laughter, joy, and love into our dull world. So, without keeping you waiting any further, we will reveal where can you shop for these luxurious soft toys and why should you instantly grab an army of them for your little one. Sit back, relax, and continue reading.

Lovingly Signed

The Jellycat soft toys at Lovingly Signed have become mommies’ favorites. This store includes a wide range of colours and elegant prints of Jellycat toys that make them entirely fascinating for all. Also, this store has its own secret recipe that further boosts the speciality of these plush toys and makes them stand apart from the rest of the stores. A number of Jellycat toys like Bashful Bunny, Koala, Elephant, Kitten, Panda, Bear, Lamb, and other unique and captivating creatures colonize the Jellycat collection at Lovingly Signed. Our personal favourite is the Jellycat Bunny from this store. Browse their entire collection of Jellycat plush toys and get an entire squad for baby’s toys collection.

Reasons Why Jellycat Soft Toys Make Great Gifts for Kids

Perhaps you might be wondering why a Jellycat soft toy and not some other ones? We have a lot of convincing points to provoke you to immediately visit Lovingly Signer’s website and buy your favourite ones. So, here are 5 reasons why Jellycat toys need to be in your kid’s life right from their arrival.

  • Soft and huggable: The Jellycat toys are stuffed with soft plastic pellets that make them extremely squishy. The soft body is the reason why your kid can’t detach from this huggable creature. Also, at bedtime, it is the best pal to cuddle with. The flexible body lets these toys play some adorable gestures to spread chuckles and giggles among kids and even adults. Apart from being the perfect play partner, it is the best toy that can console your kid. So, in times of nappy changing or when separated from mommy, the Jellycat toy ensures to pacify the little angel and keep them happy all the way. Let these squishy toys listen to some adorable ideas of the baby and let your baby have a best friend right from birth.
  • Designed for all ages: Jellycat toys are highly safe since they pass all European and American standards which have marked them as safe from birth. Not only newborns but also toddlers can spend an amusing time with these charming creatures. In this way, the toy lends mommies an extra hand to help comfort their little ones. Also, the parents believe that these silky, soft toys are not harmful to their children. So, nestle your baby down with these toys at sleep time and let them have a cozy sleep.
  • Variety of sizes: A number of sizes are available for these toys. From tiny to small, medium, and large to huge, you can get whatever size you like for your baby. Regardless of the size, the softness and pliability of the toy remain constant. So, get a size that suits best your baby’s age and make it a perfect present. What’s best than a toy that your baby can snuggle with throughout the day.
  • Different range of animals: While designing Jellycat toys, the baby’s preference is surely kept in mind. There is a range of animals that you can get. So, whether it may be a Bashful Bunny, a carefree panda, a witty kitten, or a Bartholomew Bear, the huggable and cuddly nature is unchangeable. One can get lost in a huge world of attractive creatures and can’t resist buying them all. Get your baby their most-loved creature.
  • A charm of personalization: The best part of these toys is personalization. These adorable animals come in a soft jumper that can be personalized with your baby’s name. Make this a little extra special for your kid with a charm of personalization. This is truly a perfect keepsake for any family!


Conclusively, these soft toys surely make the world a better place for newborns and toddlers. Whether your kid needs a bedtime pal, a playtime companion, or someone to stick through them, these toys make a best friend to them. So, make your moments more entertaining and fun with Jellycat soft toys from Lovingly Signed.