5 Reasons Why Every Executive Should Start Drinking Tea

Executives are tasked with making decisions at the organization. They should have a clearer insight, foresight and ability to integrate with others in pushing the goals of the organization. One of the beverages that can help you in your work as an executive is tea. It has several benefits that includes your general health, brain function and ability to interact with others. Here is a detailed review as to why executives should drink tea.

Most people probably believe that alcohol is the primary beverage to get those conversations going. However, we all know the effects of alcohol especially when taken at the middle of the week in a tight schedule. Tea and coffee are the best alternatives for your next business meeting. A shared pot of the beverage breaks the ice when meeting new customers and get them on the negotiating table. Therefore, put it in the middle of your next business deal.

According to a sturdy by the National University of Singapore, it was found that people who drank tea at least four times a week had better brain efficiency that those who did not take even a single cup. The study further found that that tea had a protective effect against age-related organizational decline. Brain efficiency and great organizational skills are important for any executive who seeks to excel in his or her field.

A similar study in the past by the same university had shown that regular tea drinkers had healthier cognitive function than those who did not. The study pointed out that it enhanced the brain networks, thereby enhancing the way information was received and acted on from different parts of the body.

In a research carried out Dr Malcom and colleagues at the City University in London, it was found out that tea helped in the relaxation of the body muscles as well as the reduction of stress. Among the chemicals found in tea are theanine and Vitamin B complex. Studies have shown that both ingredients help lower the cortisol levels in the blood. Cortisol is a chemical released into the body when faced with anxiety or stress to enable it fight or run. Repeated high levels of the chemical leads to exhaustion.

On the other hand, L-Theanine, a potent amino acid that helps in balancing your mood. Loose leaf tea allows the vitamins and other vital vitamins to steep from the leaf into your cup for the soothing effect. It does not come crushed or in tea bags, allowing vital compounds to steep slowly. The right mood is vital for brainstorming and making right decisions. Other teas that have an enhanced soothing effect is mint, chamomile, matcha and rose tea. You may experience fatigue due to business travels long meetings short deadlines, among other issues. A cup of tea is the best way to deal with this fatigue.

Mental alertness and concentration goes down as the day progresses. Most people feel sleepy and are unable to concentrate in hot afternoons. Others have a hard time waking up and staying fresh throughout the morning. If you have problems concentrating, tea contains caffeine, a chemical that enables heightened mental alertness. The black variety has the highest amount of caffeine and therefore, most effective in enhancing mental alertness. The next result of alertness is making fewer mistakes and ability to complete your tasks within the set time.

Herbal teas are such as ginger, hibiscus, chamomile and peppermint have other health benefits that may go a long way towards enhancing the general health of the executive. The online tea and coffee shop has listed some of the benefits that can help you enhance your health below.

If you are a lady executive and menstrual pains bring you down, chamomile can be of great assistance in relieving the pain. The tea also helps in improving the quality of sleep so that you are fresh for the tasks of the next day. Besides, adding some ginger in your cup helps deal with morning sickness if you are expectant and may help with chronic indigestion.

On the other hand, if you experience motion sickness, headaches and disorientation during business travels, peppermint tea can help alleviate these symptoms. You can take a cup of peppermint before you board your vehicle for a relaxed, pain-free road trip. Lastly rooibos can help provide relief from various food and environment-related allergies for executives that travel a lot. Besides, it helps in t enhancing the health of your skin and hair so that you step out confidently to meet that client or the shareholders.

Here you have them! Various benefits of taking tea for executives. There are many more health benefits that you will find with individual types. As an executive you need to be in the best shape physically and mentally in order to meet your goals. Tea can help keep you in that shape.

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