5 reasons why counselling is essential for children in COVID times

The Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, continues to expand and keep its hold in the world. Singapore as of now is amongst one out of more than 200 nations combating the deadly pandemic. The outbreak has undoubtedly left an obvious negative impact on the economic and health spheres but it has also affected the psychosocial well-being of the people. Health and Wellness Articles like these are a good source of knowledge.

Naturally, the impact of the pandemic and the severity of it would be different amongst the different age-group demographics of the population in the countries as different people from age groups would have different priorities. Amongst those being affected, even the children who contribute to the population of Singapore are not spared either. They are having to undergo these unavoidable changes in lifestyles that are adaptable to the pandemic when they were only just learning about the world.

Effects of the Pandemic on the mental health of children in Singapore

Children, before the pandemic took over the world, were used to having regular social interactions with others outside of their homes. Now they are being constricted to interact with selected individuals in a precautionary manner.

They are unable to go to school, playgrounds, day outings and trips where they would learn through experience and social interactions. There is only so much that can be taught through books and classes. Unless they are able to actually put it into practice and learn how they should behave and carry themselves in the outside world all these teachings may end up being futile.

This constrained access to school, playgrounds and social interaction under the context of the pandemic precautionary measures like lockdowns, social distancing, restricted outings is having negative and adverse effects on their mental health and overall psychosocial wellbeing.

As a result, children are getting antsy, anxious and facing a deterioration in their mental health. It is often the case that despite obvious symptoms, children do not get the right assistance and it ends up being detrimental to their physical as well as mental health in the long run.

Given below are 5 reasons stating why counselling is essential for children in Covid times:

  • Decrease anxiety and stress

Children usually are very expressive and show signs that indicate their moods and state of their health. Signs like withdrawn behaviour, unnecessary crying or aggression, a sudden decline in academic performance should be an obvious indication to the caregivers that something is not right with their child.

However, during the stress and pressure of the pandemic, parents are not being able to detect this, or it could be the child who doesn’t wish to disappoint the parents and keeps the problems that are weighing them down to themselves.

Counselling for children provides a safe and secure environment led by specialists and professionals who can help your children deal with their anxiety in the right ways. Intervention programs and certain specific therapies that can be outlined as a treatment or management plan are known to be very helpful to children suffering from anxiety and depression.

  • Build better confidence and self-esteem

With the restricted access to the outer world, children are being asked to undertake online classes, they are becoming more active on online entertainment, etc. This eventually leads up to the children comparing themselves with their peers or the people and things they see online.

Parents and caregivers can try explaining and reassuring the children regarding such things but are unable to get through them. Counselling for children is a safe space that allows kids to open up regarding their problems and concerns without fear of judgement or disappointment.

  • Develop better social skills

The most prominent precautionary measure for COVID-19 is social distancing and less exposure and interaction with other individuals. Children are having to adapt to this lifestyle. They are doing their best but are after all young human beings who are just beginning to learn the world and its ways. A large number of children have been noted to develop social anxiety or other anxiety disorders during this pandemic. Counselling for children is yet again proving to be essential for such kids as parents no matter how caring and considerate they may be are not professionally equipped to deal with mental illnesses. 

  • Mould a better personality and sense of self

Counselling for children may seem a foreign concept to those lacking the knowledge of how beneficial it can be for the children seeking help. With the guidance and coping methods developed by the counsellor and the child, the latter can attain a healthy sense of self and hence develop a strong personality. They will not compare and be assured of their own potentials and strengths.

  • Be equipped for the future and prepared as an Adult

Counselling for children at such difficult times will not help the parents and the child but also the future version of these children. They will be fully aware of their anxieties and issues that they are triggered with and be able to cope with them or at least take relief in the fact that it is not something unmanageable.

Encourage healthy communication so that children feel safe in expressing themselves.

Counselling for children allows these little human beings to explore and regulate their emotions and thoughts with utmost empathy and encouragement. Caregivers must also be mindful of their children and support them through this phase. They should be aware that their children are humans with real emotions and feelings and like themselves are doing their best in adapting to the pandemic.


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