5 Reasons Why Business Owners Use Coffee Boxes for their Products

What’s the one magic potion that helps you in waking up in the morning? Well, not just the morning but whenever you’re drowsy and want a fresh start it is your go-to drink. The answer is quite simple, it is coffee.  According to some recent studies conducted, around 1.4 million cups of coffee are consumed every day, globally. Making coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. 45% of the total consumption is just made by Americans, perhaps it is believed that countries with colder weather tend to have a higher rate of coffee consumption. This depicts that the demand for coffee is very high, in order to satisfy this demand thousands of companies are providing and manufacturing coffee. The competition in this industry is very high. So each company has to pay much attention to the fact that what essential element they must add in their product that will make it stand out against its peers. Mostly coffee tastes almost the same, but then what obliges a buyer to purchase one brand’s product and not the second brand’s product.

Well, it is the first thing that catches the attention of the buyer, it isn’t the taste of the coffee, neither its price nor the froth produced from coffee. The first thing that hooks the attention of the buyer is the packaging. Attractive and unique packaging not only attracts the buyer but is key to the success of any business. The main objective of packaging is to convey to its consumers or buyer that the product is unique and worthy of their money and time. A packaging should instantly deliver what the brand and product inside is about. The custom coffee boxes are like a brand ambassador, it conveys the values and principles of one’s company and above all keeps the coffee fresh and preserved. It plays a key part in the marketing of your product and guarantees that the coffee reaches its customers the way they want. So don’t think of the packaging as a second thought, give it the importance it is worthy of.

If you are looking for wholesalers to make custom boxes for you then there’s nothing to fuss about. There is a long list of wholesalers available in the market that are providing this service. However H5 packaging is the best option. They make sure to keep customers’ desirability in mind along with putting a professional touch of their own. They make sure to closely listen to their customers and deliver the best quality custom-made boxes. It is their manifest that they never compromise on the quality of the packaging.

Here are some reasons why business owners use coffee boxes for their Products

They protect the content inside the box

The material used to make these boxes include cardboard, Kraft, corrugate, and cardstock. These materials aren’t just sturdy and long-lasting but also keep the coffee in the right state. Cardboard is a lightweight material, corrugated is stiff while Lenin is best when it comes to transport and supplying a large amount of it. The material also has temperature-resistance properties. Which helps in protecting it against hot and humid weather as well as increasing the shelf life of the product.

Has the ability to retain freshness

As coffee can easily lose its freshness, measures must be taken to keep it fresh. For this purpose, Modified Atmosphere Packaging is used although it is a bit expensive but keeps the coffee in the newest state. One-way degassing is the best and most popular method. It stops the freshness from escaping but at the same time disposes of the natural carbon dioxide through valves. Oxygen, moisture, and light are the enemies of coffee, thus it has the property of not letting them in the packaging.

Boxes are Environment-friendly

The main reason business owners go for coffee boxes is due to their biodegradability. Boxes are made up of cardboard, cardstock, and corrugate. These materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. In the present times, people are well aware of environment-related issues and their causes so they are very profound on using products that are eco-friendly.

Because of their printing and designs

 Different printing techniques are used on the boxes to make them attractive. By doing so the boxes get a creative and unique presentation. The beauty of the box enhances by utilizing an attractive and versatile range of prints and designs on the boxes. The beautiful packaging becomes a source of attraction for the product.

Business owners see a surge in sale after using coffee boxes

It is generally believed that custom coffee boxes lead to a surge in sales, it inspires the buyers to purchase and use one’s brands’ product. Moreover, it plays a great role in putting a good impression on the store shelf.

Jennifer Alex

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