5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Important For Your Business

Technology has changed the way people communicate when doing business. However, when written communication has gone virtually paperless, a few old-school practices remain irreplaceable: business cards. And no matter how technologically advanced a business can get, no automation can replace the culture of exchanging calling cards.

The importance of calling cards can also be seen as part of a business’s marketing and branding activity because they carry important details like name, email address, phone number, etc. How a card is designed can help create an impact to represent a business’s ethos and determine its success.

Here are some important reasons why you should still carry and hand out business cards:

  1. It Leaves a Positive First Impression

You never know when you will encounter potential clients, and having a calling card handy can turn any scenario into an opportunity for you to introduce your business’s products and services.

In the business world, image is everything. Having a calling card handy makes you look professional and organized and shows proper planning.

However, you can’t just carry around any cheap-looking card. It should look impressive with its design and quality. And based on a study, 72% of people judge a business based on your card’s quality.

  1. Ease of Sharing Contact Information

The biggest reason calling cards are still important is that they carry your business’s contact information with ease. So on occasions that you meet possible clients and have successful conversations with them, you can easily share your contact information so that they can reach out to you when needed.

  1. Affordable Way to Promote Your Business

Compared to other printed marketing strategies, calling cards can be ordered in bulk for a relatively low cost. Depending on the quality and design of the card you will be ordering, you can get a pocketful of powerful marketing tools for a lesser price.

Because they are more affordable, you can have a lot of cards printed for your employees so that they too will be prepared for networking events and client meetings.

  1. Serves as a Marketing Tool

A well-designed calling card can be your best tool for marketing and promoting your business. While many businesses have turned to technology and social media for promotions and marketing to attract more clients, the use of calling cards remains to have a significant impact.

Handing out calling cards is usually done after chance meetings with potential clients where you or your representative has had a chance to introduce your business, impress them, and build a strong image. Unfortunately, Digital technology does not give you that kind of advantage. So it is a good idea that you and your team always carry calling cards to hand over when you meet more prospective clients.

  1. Effective Networking Tool

Nowadays, most business transactions are done online, and business owners no longer get the opportunity to meet their clients face-to-face to tell them more about the products and services they offer. Thus, while email marketing may provide necessary communication, personal networking and communication can build long-term relationships with customers.

Calling cards are essential in creating these kinds of opportunities. They help make personal connections, find business opportunities, create a strong brand identity, increase revenue, and build a network of personal relationships with your customers.

Calling cards are irreplaceable because they continue to play a key role in helping your business survive and grow. So have your calling cards printed and carry them with you always.