5 reasons to wear antique jewellery you probably didn’t know

Fashion is cyclic, and thus it is no wonder that antique jewellery is back into vogue like never before. If you’re one of those who wonder the reason behind the fuss over antique jewellery, then you’re not alone. 

As many jewellery buyers look at the range offered in modern design, antique jewellery attracts with its different and delicate styling. And if you’re putting together your bridal trousseau or planning something for a special occasion, then here are some fascinating reasons why you should try to include pieces inspired by the past. 

You have a narrative & a piece of history 

This is perhaps the first and most lovely reason to own antique jewellery, for there’s nothing that quite compares to having a piece of jewellery that packs in the stories of a particular time. That’s true, for antique jewellery often captures history into its quality and style. 

For example, only a few people know that temple jewellery was once crafted for the idols of Gods. Still, soon it became common for dancers and people to wear it too. This would symbolize their relationship with their favourite God. These styles replicated today depict auspiciousness and are often chosen as adornments by the Indian brides. 

Similarly, delicate filigree work is known to have originated in Mesopotamia, before it found its way into India and was influenced by the country. This style also gained a special place in Odisha. Of special mention are the Mughal designs, often represented in jewellery as motifs of fish and flowers, that symbolize the rich history and craftsmanship of the Mughal era. The era of the Nizams was also renowned for its quality with stones in beautiful cuts. 

Attention to detail 

The most attractive part about antique jewellery is the immense attention to detail. Take any piece from the past, and you will be impressed by the high level of detailing each piece has. While not everyone is blessed to have antique jewellery handed over to them as a family heirloom, hold on to the precious pieces if you do get them. 

For those who haven’t been that lucky, fret not. Today a few stores do offer antique jewellery options. Depending on what you like, you can also buy antique jewellery online. These pieces though not that old, have been inspired by designs from the past. Often handmade by skilled artisans, the attention to detail is as immense as it used to be. 

With the fascinating balance of skill and craft, it is no wonder that antique jewellery is also the muse for many jewellery designers today. 

You make a style statement. 

An antique piece of jewellery is a style statement in itself. You get the opportunity to carry off history draped on you. This attractive style statement is unique and made just for you. Beautiful earrings and large chunky jhumkas are often used by women as go-to impression makers. Glamorous and well detailed, these help you make a style statement with ease and elan. 

Also, as each piece of antique jewellery reflects the history and a story, it helps to showcase your persona in a newer light. Antique jewellery also represents refined tastes, as these pieces were once chosen by royalty. Even grand fashion houses have been influenced by the play of coloured gemstones and delicate work. Some elements like layered necklaces or the chandrahaaram and kasuluperu, continue to symbolize tradition. 

You search for perfection. 

While getting standard designs that rule the times is easy, getting an antique piece of jewellery is akin to a treasure hunt. You get to browse through the mesmerizing styles available till you find one that complements you so much that it seems to be made for you. This hunt for the perfect piece can give more joy than anything else. 

In this delightful quest, you get to glimpse through so many pieces, each completely different from the other. The variety is so rich and mind-boggling that it would be pretty hard to find someone else sporting the same piece of antique jewellery that you do. 

You get jewellery that signifies auspiciousness 

Auspicious occasions such as an Indian wedding require that every element symbolizes fortune and prosperity. The colours were often chosen by a bride of reds and greens symbolize prosperity. 

For those who are particular, antique jewellery depicting Gods symbolizes the special relation of the wearer with the powers that be. Jewellery studded with navaratnas, symbolizes the nine Hindu Gods, thus ringing in auspiciousness too. 

There are plenty of options available to choose from, be it antique jhumkas, antique necklaces, armlets, anklets or maang tika. If you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for designer jewellery made with hypoallergic materials that are easy on your pocket. This will ensure that you get the look you so want, without having to incur steep prices for it. 

However, whatever you choose to buy, do keep the following aspects in mind, 

  • Whether you choose to invest in gold and precious stones or wish to buy jewellery that captures the glamour at a less price, only shop with a trusted seller. This will ensure that you get an authentically designed piece high in quality and has a strong narrative that you can be proud of. 
  • Also, buy a piece that will suit your personality, attire, and occasion you wear it for. 
  • Buy from a place where it can be exchanged in case of defects or dissatisfaction with the design. 
  • Finally, buy a piece that allows you to make adjustments and get the perfect fit. 

We at Tarinka have often been inspired by antique jewellery. A large part of our work revolves around the aesthetics of this refined art form. So if you’re choosing jewellery with a narrative, quality, and timeless style that comes at a reasonable price, do check out our collection.