5 Reasons to Use RV Storage Campuses

Do you have or are you planning to buy a recreational vehicle, RV? Then you need RV storage in Boise for the days you’re not using the vehicle. A recreational vehicle offers you and your loved ones an incredible travel experience. However, if you’re not using it during winter, getting a secure RV storage service is inevitable.

While you can store the vehicle on your property, it’ll take up all the space in your yard or parking lot. Therefore, you’ll sacrifice the space meant for other activities or vehicles. Of course, you don’t want to do this.

Here are the main benefits of renting space in an RV storage camp.

  • Extends the Lifespan of Your RV

Renting space in an RV storage unit safeguards your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and elements. Rain, snow, and UV rays will negatively affect the lifespan of your vehicle.

However, an RV storage camp provides proper shelter that keeps the vehicle intact. Yes, the RV is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but parking it in a covered RV storage unit maintains the shine and reduces the need for repairs.

  • Security

A recreational vehicle boasts of several appliances that improve your quality of life while in it. Well, it is not uncommon for thieves to break into RVs, rip our appliances, and sell them. Even worse, they can steal the entire vehicle.

An RV storage unit is very secure, with many featuring controlled entry, 24p-hour monitoring, and difficult-to-climb wall. Plus, they have insurance to ensure compensation in case of theft.

  • Helps You Avoid HOA Fines

Do you live in a neighborhood where the homeowner association bars parking of RVs and boats? Then utilizing an RV storage camp is your perfect remedy.

Remember, if you violate HOA rules, you can easily pay hefty fines. And don’t forget parking your RV in the driveway gives your property appeals a dreary appearance. So, why don’t you lease storage space for your vehicle to avoid such a nuisance?

  • Highly Affordable

An RV storage camp offers affordable services to its customers. Here, you enjoy a smaller fee compared to the fine you’ll get for violating HOA rules and regulations. Even better, you can choose a storage camp within your needs and budgetary reach. How amazing!

  • Availability of Space

Large vehicles such as boats and RVs require a significant amount of storage space. You, like any other average person, doesn’t have this space in their yard or driveway.

Utilizing a storage unit that uses vehicle-sized storage units helps you to free space at home. With this, you have additional space in your yard for tools, accessories, and equipment.

However, before making the payment, confirm the dimensions of your storage unit. Smaller RVs and boats generate store well in a 300 square ft. unit.


Leasing storage space for your RV or boat has several advantages that outweigh some of the inherent challenges. Whether you spend time on the road or water, choose a storage unit that accommodates your summertime schedules. This way, you put more energy into the fun and security and less into logistics.