5 Reasons to Use ReactJS for Web Development in 2022 

Thanks to new programming languages and technologies, the ecosystem of front-end development is evolving every day. With so many frameworks and libraries to choose from, React JS is one prominent name among popular front-end frameworks that have taken the web development space by storm. This open-source JavaScript library is built and maintained by Facebook and is suitable for creating fast, reliable, and scalable front-ends of web applications. 

According to recent stats, over 10,630,448 active websites are developed using the React JS framework. (Source: BuiltWith Trends). Not just that, many industry giants like Netflix, PayPal, Apple, Dropbox, etc., have already integrated React JS into their software production owing to its UI, consistency, and simplicity. With so many companies enjoying the benefits of providing ReactJS development services, here are the top 5 reasons to use ReactJS for your front-end development projects. 

5 Reasons Why React JS Could Be An Ideal Option For Your Next Project

Despite its popularity, if you’re still not convinced whether React JS is suitable for your project or not, this blog will help. Below, we have shared a list of the top reasons why React JS can be your go-to front-end framework for every project. 

1. Improves Developers’ Productivity

Frequent updates can be a nuisance when a slight change in one component significantly affects other components. But that’s not the case with React, as it uses a DOM model, a tree structure, where any changes made at a higher level won’t impact the UI of the entire application. So, you can test out each model and make changes without affecting other components. 

2. Smooth Learning Curves

Unlike other popular front-end frameworks like Vue and Angular, ReactJS is much easier to master. In fact, it is the main reason React gained so much popularity in the first place. Many companies are able to develop their website projects quickly owing to its rich UI and simple framework. 

3. Customizable Components 

React also contains JSX, a syntax extension that makes it possible to write custom components for any local or Offshore web development company, convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees, and build high-volume applications. 

4. Rich User Interface

A rich user interface determines the quality of an application or a website. If an application has a poor user interface, then it has a lower chance of surviving and thriving in the long run. On the other hand, an application with a high-quality UI can offer a much better experience to its users. Therefore, it has become necessary for every application to have a rich user interface in order to provide better usability. Fortunately, React allows you to develop rich, high-quality user interfaces through its declarative components. 

5. SEO-Friendly

React JS, compared to other popular front-end frameworks, can significantly reduce the loading time of your web application. As a result, it helps you rank higher in relevant search engine results. So, if you want to develop a successful web application using React, you can consult a ReactJS development company and hire React JS Developers according to your needs. 

The Bottom Line

Considering the advantages of ReactJS, we can say that this ideal framework is superb for building highly scalable applications with frequent data updates. Not just that, reactJS also offers JSX support, interactive UIs, virtual DOM, and component-based structure. 

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