5 Reasons to Move Your Family to Arizona

Over seven million lucky people already call Arizona home. Are you next? Here are five reasons why you should consider moving your family to Arizona.


Sun, Sun, and More Sun: The number one selling point for Arizona is clearly its weather. All of the major cities in the state enjoy at least 250 days of sunshine per year. While it is true that the summers are scorchers, a great majority of the year has pleasant weather. And like everyone will tell you, it is only a dry heat.


However, if you need to escape the heat, you can easily head up to higher elevations. Flagstaff and Sedona are popular weekend trips for many natives looking to cool off and enjoy a change of scenery. The mild winters will be worth the heat that you endure during the summer.


Stunning Natural Setting: Arizona is flush with an abundance of stunning natural scenery. Offering vast desert land, rocky mountains, deep canyons, and cacti galore, this state is beautiful around every corner. The colorful sunsets are just an added bonus.


This setting provides the backdrop for a host of outdoor recreational activities. Hiking enthusiasts will delight in the opportunities to get up close and personal with Mother Nature. People come from all over the country to tee off at Arizona’s many world-class golf courses. Other popular outdoor activities include kayaking, boating, mountain biking, river rafting, and skiing. Regardless of your outdoor hobbies, there is something for everyone in Arizona.


Rich Culture and Arts Scene: There is no shortage of arts and culture in Arizona. You will immediately be swept by the magic and history of the Native American culture. The rich heritage of the Navajo, Apache, and Hopi cultures runs deep through the state.


In Arizona, you will discover loads of museums, art galleries, live theater options, and more. The state also features a variety of annual festivals, striking a chord with everyone. Popular options include the Country Thunder music festival, the Arizona Underground Film Festival, and a cornucopia of food and drink festivals. If that is not enough to keep you busy, be sure to check out the vibrant shopping scene in Scottsdale.


Amazing Food: Arizona boasts a smorgasbord of amazing food offerings, guaranteed to satiate any appetite. The star of the show in Arizona is its varied Mexican cuisine. It is hard to go anywhere without running into a taco truck tempting you with authentic food. Wash it all down with a sweet and sour prickly pear margarita.


The state is also known for its unique Southwestern food offerings. Some specialties that are unique to Arizona include Sonoran hot dogs, cheese crisps, chimichangas, Native American fry bread, and cactus jelly. The varied food options are the perfect representation of the region’s diverse melting pot of people and cultures. Your taste buds will never get bored when living in Arizona.


Booming Economy: There is no better place to be than Arizona if you are looking for a booming economy. The Grand Canyon State is enjoying a resurgence in its economic development, delivering a varied job landscape and plentiful opportunities for those looking to further their careers and earn a competitive salary.


Low business and property taxes make Arizona attractive to transplants. In addition, the state also still offers a relatively low cost of living, particularly when compared to other West Coast metropolitan areas. This makes it a good value of your dollar to set down your roots in Arizona.


These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg of why you should consider calling Arizona home.