5 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

Having worked in the Customer Service for multiple internet providers in the US, I have realized one thing. The consumers are under the impression that they do not need a landline. Everyone is relying on his or her cellphone. However, there are multiple reasons to keep a landline. There is a growing movement in the United States involving getting rid of cords. People are ditching the traditional means to cable TV and calling by conforming to the digital trends. The streaming services have continued to gain momentum in the country. They offer a cheaper and affordable alternative to cable. The ever-increasing prices of cords have forced people to do so. The packages are offered at a discounted rate when you start the services and after that, the prices hike up to an unbearable amount. There are taxes, fees, and other surcharges on top of the monthly bills. Therefore, every other person in the country is thinking to cut the cord.


You may ditch your cable connection and get the streaming devices or services. However, we have a strong case for a landline. It is still the most important utility in your house. If you are planning to ditch it, there are severe implications related to security and safety.


Following are the reasons why you should keep your landline:


You need it for your Security Systems 

Multiple devices require connection to your home phone line. The most common example is the security systems. The surveillance and security systems are the need of the hour. Every home that has kids or family needs one. Every citizen in the country has a right to bear arms. While using firearms for your protection is great, but you still need an additional layer of security. These security systems connect to your landline phone and keep you updated to prevent any intrusion.



Almost all providers have a direct link to E911. For example, if you sign-up for Spectrum phone plans, you get the security of E911. In case of any emergency, you can just dial 911 and the emergency center will know your location. They will reach you immediately. This is important in times of extreme emergencies e.g. theft, where you cannot dictate the address.


Important for the safety of your kids 

For parents, nothing is more important than the safety and security of kids. While it is not a good idea to give them a cellphone at an early age, you need to make sure that you reach them when you are away from home. Therefore, the landline phone fits in the equation. You can reach them directly from work and check on them whenever you feel like.


Sound Quality is great 

The cellphone reception is not always that great. You may face distortion in connection while on important calls. Even if you are using internet-based calling through WhatsApp or Skype, you may face issues due to poor internet. However, the landline phone is devoid of all such issues. The connection is great and there are no dropped calls. Therefore, you can have a crystal-clear conversation with your loved ones whenever you like.


Landlines are affordable 

We pay for the things that we don’t need most of the time. Our shopping hauls are extensive. These landline connections are quite economical. The irony is that people are still reluctant to pay for the connection while they spend on other useless things. Most importantly, if you are signing up for cable TV and an internet connection, you will get a landline under $10 per month. This is a great deal!


No upgrades  

The internet and cell phone providers are always prompting you to upgrade your current network connection. They will offer you new features and plans. However, the good thing about getting a landline is that there are no upgrades. You are not compelled in any circumstances to change your device or plan. As a result, you don’t receive any promotional or marketing calls. Just get a landline connection once and keep it for as long as you need it.


Separate Work from personal life 

If you have a business that requires frequent communication with clients, it is a good idea to get a separate line for business. You can keep your landline for business-related communication. As a result, it creates a healthy work-life balance. You are not forced to take calls at odd times on your cellphone. All the business calls are diverted to your landline. Your clients can leave you messages and you can sort the important ones.


Great Back up option 

There is a high chance that you might drop your cellphone or it gets lost. Therefore, a landline is a great backup option. You can still make all the important calls and keep in touch with people until you get a new phone.


Final Verdict 

We hope all these reasons compel you into keeping a landline. It offers great security, reliability, and affordability.