5 Reasons To Hire A Motivational Speaker For Your Next Corporate Event

At a point in your lifetime, you probably may have listened to a motivational speaker – on the train, at a corporate event, or on a podcast recommended by a friend. The truth is, once you first listened, you probably might not have devoted much attention to the attention-hungry podcaster or the uninteresting, well-suited chap on the train. 

Then months later, excerpts from the message cut through time and repeatedly reverberate in your subconscious. You might fight for a moment, trying to understand how the excerpts you now remember affect your current predicament. 

In the long run, you realise the part of the message now buried in your subconscious gives a hint to battling an ongoing struggle. This is the power of motivational speaking – well-infused with the right inspiration and cut a path for you in life. 

What do you think of Motivational Speakers?

Leading motivational speakers radiate an abundant form of inspiring energy. But, what do you think of them? Few individuals accept that motivational speaking can really be important. Do not be surprised that many people in some parts of the globe do not completely understand the inspiration in motivational speaking. 

Others probably think motivational speakers only provide a hype that might be practically worthless in real-life scenarios. Would you be surprised if you heard some people have a bias perception about female motivational speakers? Yes, many explanations exist as to what and motivational speaking means to different people. 

If you care to search deeper, the origin of these wrong perceptions is birth in cultural and social shortcomings. Frustrations and shortcoming that have dented the hope that life itself presents. Who doesn’t need to hear the right words? Who doesn’t want to listen as words inspire a rush and urge to succeed? You probably have an answer already. 

Life throws much at different people, and people react differently. Sometimes, these reactions can force people to blindly reject an offer at salvation.  

Motivational Speakers in A Corporate World

Motivational speaking is a lifelong journey and a career path for many—a career sacrifice many pays to lift others out of the pitfalls and many challenges of life. Interestingly, motivational speakers can be very effective in a corporate setting. 

Regardless of the size of your workforce, the right speaker might be your best shot at selling encouragement for free. An influential business speaker understands the stress and demands of the corporate world.

More than speaking to a random group of enthusiastic listeners, motivational speakers possess the right charm to impact your workforce. They display the right mix of attributes revolving around empathy, confidence, authenticity, and personnel engagement. 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Motivational Speaker for Your Next Corporate Event

People attending our next big corporate event are probably from different walks of life. Different class. Different social backgrounds. Different belief systems. And most importantly, different struggles in life. Would you love to make the event memorable? Then you need a uniting factor –a scenario they can all relate to—a moment in time that forever impacts their life and immortalise your event in their subconscious. 

Probably, one of the most common themes at the event will be language, or more simply put –words. People react differently to different words that convey different messages. Motivational speakers are trained to look through your invitees and deliver a speech that forever resonates in their subconscious. But, beyond merely triggering enthusiasm, what other reasons do you have to hire a motivational speaker for that corporate event?  

  1. Better Communicate Your Corporate Philosophy

Yes, you probably might have reiterated it a hundred times. Written it clearly in different languages or probably erected a memorial edifice its reference. However, your company’s founding philosophy might still sound vague to many. 

Even to your employees. A motivational speaker might just be the right channel to drive home your points. Since your ideas and company outlook are embedded in this philosophy, you gain everything in making others understand it better. 

Using just the right words, illustrations, and abstract tools, you would be amazed at what a motivational speaker could do. In just a few minutes, the points you spent years preaching to employees might be made clearer. Beyond merely re-informing your employees, you also get the right opportunity to inform your invitees. 

Inform them about what exactly? Of many things actually –how about your company’s founding ideas, partnership gains, and future outlook. You get all these done by simply making the decision to hire a motivational speaker.

  1. Better Represent Your New Ideas

Do you have a new operational technique to be introduced in the next quarter? How eager do you need to communicate and better represent these ideas? A motivational speaker present at your big net event might be the answer. 

Beyond showing dexterity with word use, business speakers are trained in the working s of the corporate world. Leading motivational speakers may do more than communicate your ideas. 

By introducing the high point of your ideas, motivational speakers also create a mental picture of your ideas and their feasibility. Sit back and watch how your invitees and employers relate better with these ideas. You would be amazed at how these ideas are readily accepted when you officially introduce them.  

  1. Inspire and Educate Your Audience

Motivational speaking holds a potent power of inspiration and education. With a rush of enthusiasm supplied by the inspiration, you can bet that audience is better educated when excited. Inspiring others might be the main forte of the motivational speaker. However, in recent times, the trends have changed.

Famous motivational speakers now own a booming business: some popular writers, poets, and elected officials. Your next corporate event might be the right moment to educate your business partners and employees about many things. 

Interest-based topics are consistently discussed at different events in the corporate world. These topics might be about a new invention, a new innovation, or tips about a new business model. All you need to do is hire a motivational speaker with proven expertise in your company’s operations. 

  1. Inspiration on Balance in the Corporate World

Of course, it might sound cliché. But, you still need to inform your invitees and employees about the metrics that determine outcomes in the corporate world. After all, it is a corporate event and the best stage to talk about business outcomes. 

Just as in personal life, a corporate establishment sometimes struggles through hard times. Would you like to help your audience value hard work while striking a balance between failure and success? Motivational speakers push your invitees to strive for more and encourage your employees to outshine challenges. Your event will surely look better with the right dose of motivation that engages and inspires your audience. 

  1. Increase Drive and Drive Performance

Coming from someone outside the organisation, your employees and invitees might better understand the messages of patience, perseverance, and performance. A keynote speaker can generate enough enthusiasm to stimulate and drive performance that lasts long after the event. 

By infusing the right humor, message, and push, a motivational speaker can compel your employers to action and improve their drive for corporate success. The motivational speaker becomes a catalyst for productivity and vice for growth. What do you get at the end? A loyal workforce refreshed and fully motivated for the work ahead. 

Australia’s Inspiring Female Guest Speakers

Female motivational speakers are changing the face of the keynote speech and motivational speaking in Australia. From popular female business speakers in Brisbane to leading motivational speakers in Sydney, Australia has the best of the stock.   

These speakers infuse your audience with the right inspirational drive and tell their story of patience and perseverance in style. Regardless of your business location, there are experienced female guest speakers distributed across Australia. 

Should you require female inspirational guest speakers in Melbourne or motivational speakers in Victoria, Australia, it gives you the best. The most inspiring female guest speakers Australia has to offer include:

  1. Anna Meares OAM

Considered the greatest cyclist of all time, Anna’s story inspires perseverance and drives performance.  She is a 4-time Olympian and 11-time world champion, and a 5-time Commonwealth Games Champion with six Olympic medals. Anna s an accomplished author with a self-written biography –The fighting Spirit of a Champions. 

Anna’s numerous talks preach inspiration and motivation from sportsmanship, success, and the power of the mind. She is considered an undefeated champion spreading motivations off the track. Anna’s expertise in motivational speaking spreads across goal setting, strategy and planning, performance motivation, and effective collaboration.

  1. Carolyn Creswell

Carolyn Creswell is a motivational speak cut by a different seamstress. Her story revolves around a chain business owner running a balanced work-life as a mother of four. She is the founder and Managing Director of Carman’s Fine Foods. 

Carolyn’s brand of gourmet muesli is popular in Australia’s supermarkets. Her establishment reported a turnover of an annual estimate of $50 million. She is also a celebrated TV personality. In the business speaking sphere, Carolyn is a force to be reckoned with. 

  1. Janine Allis

Janine Allis is the bestselling author of ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur.’ She is also the founder of Boost Juice Bars with a commanding presence in 15 companies Betty’s Burgers, Cibo Espresso and Salsas Fresh Mex Grill are other establishments of Janine. 

Janine’s success in business is at the peak of the list of motivational speakers in Australia. She understands the hectic demands of a corporate world and better tells her story through personal experience. She is better known for her stories on performance drive, highlighting the failure and huge gains of her business life. 

Other popular female motivational speakers in Australia worthy of honorable mention include:

  • Dr. Bronwyn King AO
  • Carolyn Miller
  • Jelena Dokic
  • Dr. Louise Mahler
  • Emma Murray
  • Amanda Stevens

This list is, however, not exhaustive. But the point remains that motivational speakers are a big addition to our next corporate event. Hiring one might make a huge difference and make your event memorable.


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