5 Reasons to Have Your Gastric Bypass in Latvia

As more and more people seek bariatric surgery, it’s important to weigh up the options available and why looking overseas might be the best choice. Unfortunately, those based in the UK struggle to undergo the knife due to the financial shackles correlated with weight loss surgery. Fortunately, you can find more attractive prices, with a sharp decrease in cost when you look overseas. One such country, Latvia, is on the rise for medical tourism due to its medical professionalism and cost-saving benefits. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a small list of the many reasons why Latvia is booming as a top destination for bariatric surgery.

  1. Nothing Short of Professional

With medical standards being an obvious concern for many, you can rest assured that Latvia’s medical standards are among the best in the world. Since Latvia is a part of the EU they ensure to abide by strict EU laws and guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about any dodgy practices taking place! It’s important to double-check with your GP which clinic you’re thinking of going with as they will be able to provide you recommendations. Weight Loss Riga is a common choice among GPs around the country as our reviews show the proof is in the pudding. If you’re considering having a gastric bypass in Latvia, be sure to check on our website for more details.

  1. Beautiful Scenery

Latvia, especially the capital Riga, has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe where you can get lost in the tranquil surroundings while recovering from your surgery. You can embrace the beautiful Latvian culture and the slow-paced relaxed vibes while starting your weight loss journey, setting the tone for your future transformation. 

  1. The Small Cost for a Big Change

As mentioned previously, the cost of weight loss surgery plays a huge factor in one’s decision to start their health transformation. Although the cost of a healthy life and body is priceless, the cost of daily life can already be too expensive, and the thought of paying the price tag of gastric bypass surgery in the UK is enough to make some nauseous. With the average gastric bypass surgery UK cost being £11,000, it’s easy to see why so many look abroad for cheaper options.

In Latvia, clinics such as Weight Loss Riga offer such surgeries for £4980, which is lower than 50% of the gastric bypass surgery UK cost. This decides to take the flight abroad much easier as the amount of money saved is enough to pay for a celebration holiday afterward! This is a big reason why many are opting for gastric bypass surgery in Latvia and in today’s financial climate, it’s easy to understand why.

  1. Extremely Low Botched Surgery Rate

When you see the news of unfortunate botched weight loss surgery abroad, you rarely ever see Latvia’s name getting tossed around. Unlike some popular destinations, such as Turkey, Latvia rarely ever has a botched surgery taking place within its borders, which is mostly down to the professionalism and care adopted by clinics all around the country. Certain clinics, like Weight Loss Riga, have never had a botched surgery take place at their clinic, boasting a successful record of bariatric surgeries. Remember, it is important to still do your research on the clinic that you’re thinking of going with and make sure you ask for recommendations from medical professionals before going abroad.

  1. Modern Facilities

When many consider gastric bypass surgery in Latvia, another main area of concern is in the facilities as most are not accustomed to Latvian health care and bariatric clinics. But as mentioned previously, the EU guidelines and regulations are strict and all clinics must uphold using proper equipment with modern facilities. Due to this, you should not worry about the facilities in Latvia as you can expect the same state-of-the-art facilities as you would in any Western country. There is a direct correlation between poor facilities and equipment to an increase in botched surgeries, which as stated before, this rate is extremely low in Latvia. This is why patients are flocking from countries such as the UK to have their bariatric or revision surgery in Latvia.

Decided On Having Your Gastric Bypass in Latvia?

For all the reasons above, Latvia is an incredible medical tourism hotspot and many clinics such as Weight Loss Riga embrace patients from the UK with open arms. If you’re interested in starting your life-changing transformation, send an enquiry on our Weight Loss Riga website today to begin your weight loss journey.

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