5 Reasons to Get Your Home’s Ducts Cleaned in Any Season

There are many indoor pollutants in a home. These can be from the combustion of oil, gas or coal to the deterioration of petrochemical products, which release toxins into your family’s air. Exposure to these pollutants can cause serious respiratory problems. A whole market has been created to meet the demand for high-quality indoor air.

Regular cleaning of your air ducts is a simple way to protect your family and home from toxic substances. Dirty air filters are one of the main sources of indoor pollution in your home. Here are five reasons you should have your ducts cleaned every season.

1. You Suspect Mold

Over the course of many months or years, dust and other particles slowly build up in your ducts. The dust absorbs moisture from the air and creates perfect conditions for mold growth. Your heating and cooling system is hidden behind the scenes. This means that it is difficult to see or inspect for mold growth.

Regular duct cleaning can help you to be confident about your health. To ensure that your indoor air quality is clean, an expert can inspect your ducts and give it a preventative cleaning.

2. You Have Seen or Heard Insects and Rodents

Are you a victim of insects scurrying through your ducts at night, or have you heard them? Are you noticing trails of insects coming from your vents at night? It is possible that you have a vermin infestation. Your ducts can become a breeding ground for rodents, mice, ants and cockroaches because of the fine dust and debris. Regular cleaning of your ducts will decrease vermin’s desire to nest there.

3. Your Ducts Have Never Been Cleaned

You should make an appointment today to have your ducts checked if you can’t remember the last time you had them cleaned. You can imagine your ducts lasting years without being cleaned. Your ducts have been clogged with dust, insects, dead skin cells, and other toxic particles for years. These particles can be blown into your lungs when your ducts are so clogged.

4. You Want Greater Efficiency

Research shows that cleaning your cooling and heating system components can improve efficiency. A licensed HVAC professional will clean your ducts and also clean the cooling coils and heat exchangers. This makes your system much more efficient. Regular cleaning of your system will make it more efficient and reduce maintenance costs.

5.  Regular Maintenance Helps Identify Problems Before They Start

The best reason to have your indoor air ducts cleaned and maintained is the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your ducts are free from any problems and running as efficiently as possible. HVAC technicians can spot problems in your cooling and heating systems, such as holes or mold growths and fix them before they become serious. You can be sure that your home will have clean air year after year.

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